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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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2012 Easter National Meet
      Hiawassee GA (Hosted by Us)
From August 2008 Runnning Board    Eastern National Meet
The Board of Directors has appointed a committee to explore the possibility of our hosting the 2011 Eastern National Meet. This Exploratory Committee is Lamar Hart, Fred Lindquist, and Jerry Reichel is the chairman. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact one of these members. We are in the very early stage of even thinking about this.
From April 2010 Running Board 
2012 Eastern National Meet Hiawassee
Two organizational meetings have been held to establish committees and assign duties. We are going to need volunteers in lots of places for a wide variety of tasks. For more information, please contact Wayne Deitrich.

A special Board Meeting was called by President Jumper for purposes of discussing the plans for the 2012 Eastern National Meet to be hosted by Georgia Group 24. President Jumper opened the meeting and asked for discussion. It was of general consensus that it would be most effective to duplicate the 2005 meet held in Hiawassee. A target date will be set in June 2012 pending approval by the National Club. Starting dates of June 11 or June 18 will be proposed. Jerry Reichel explained the application process and will take care of obtaining necessary paperwork. Wayne Deitrich, Lamar Hart and Jerry Reichel will plan a trip to Hiawassee to contact the hotels and to confirm some of the infrastructure as to availability. After some discussion a request was made for a motion to select a meet committee for the 2012 Eastern National Meet. The motion was made by Bert Steele, seconded by Lamar Hart and passed unanimously. The following members were selected and assigned their prospective areas. Chairman: Wayne Deitrich. Hospitality, Banquets and Meals: Jerry McIntosh. Operations: Bob Padovano. Photography: Harold Thompson. Registration: Bob Schwartz. Tours and Clinics: Fred Lindquist. Traffic Control and Parking: Larry Tanner. Treasurer: Fred Lindquist. Trophies and Awards: Rick Wilson. Vendors and Flea Markets: Joe Smith.
A decision was made to defer requesting startup money from the Club until after the visit is made to Hiawassee and some determination of necessary deposits or prices can be made.
President Jumper announced that there will be a special Board of Directors Meeting on Tuesday, March 9, for purposes of discussing the 2012 National Meet; that meeting will convene at Famous Joe’s Restaurant at 5:45 p.m. with the meeting following at the Reichel Garage.
Eastern National Meet 2012  From Dec 2010 Running Board
Jerry Reichel, Bob Padovano and others will begin rebuilding the Ford 8BA engine to be raffled to help finance the 2012 Eastern National Meet. That meet will be sponsored be our Georgia Regional Group #24. The engine will feature a four inch Mercury crankshaft, high performance camshaft, two carburetors, and high compression aluminum cylinder heads.
We will begin fund raising activities by selling raffle tickets for this engine at Moultrie this February 4&5. We need volunteers to help with ticket sales.
Eastern National Meet 2012     From Feb 2011 Runnnign Board
Your Georgia Regional Group #24 is sponsoring the 2012 Eastern National Meet at Hiawassee, Georgia in June 2012. Fund raising activities have begun with the sale of raffle tickets at Moultrie for the rebuilt 8BA engine. Sales were quite good for such inhospitable weather. We do need volunteers for this fund raising effort in the next several months. If you can spare a day or more to help, please call Wayne Deitrich.
2012 Eastern National Meet      From July 2011 Running Board
Wayne Deitrich reported today from the Eastern National Meet in New York that a total of 178 Registration Forms for our 2012 meet were picked up there this week. So it looks like we are making a good start.
In August we are taking the raffle engine to Hiawassee, Clarksville, and Charlotte on three consecutive weekends. Please stop by help.
Check out this lively four minute presentation prepared by Julie Knott.

An excellent video prepared for the upcoming 2012 National Meet
2012 Eastern National Meet     From Dec 2011 Running Board
Hiawassee, Georgia June 19 - 22

By Wayne Deitrich
You Can Support the Meet!
You can attend the meet: Registration application forms can be downloaded from the national club website “ at Once connected to the web page, click on “Upcoming Events - National/Int’l Meets” and click on “ENM 2012 Pre-Registration Form’’. Register and Join in the FUN.

You can sign up to be a volunteer worker at the meet: Many volunteers will be needed during the meet to perform various tasks essential to hosting a meet that is fun for all. You can volunteer now for a task you prefer by contacting club President Jerry McIntosh or wait to be asked!

You can help to financially support the meet: By selling tickets for the raffle engine assembled by the club. President McIntosh has asked that 6 raffle tickets be sent to every RG #24 member to sell to raise funds to support the 2012 Eastern National meet. Tickets will be mailed to club members during the next two weeks.

Summary of Progress
Pre-registrations stand at 125. The Lake Chatuge Lodge is sold out, and there are about 40 rooms left at the second host hotel, the Holiday Inn Express.
Registration and Information Packets will be sent to pre-registrants in early January. The packets include information about the meet and about the Hiawassee area, alternative lodging and camping sites, planned meet events and activities, guided and self-guided tours, recommended driving directions to Hiawassee from other regions, list of meet clothing and other items for sale.
2012 Eastern National Meet      From Feb 2012 Running Board
Hiawassee, Georgia, June 19-22
Update by Wayne Deitrich
Several RG #24 club members have asked this question and it struck me that many of you may be interested in the answer. Not counting lodging which meet attendees pay directly, the cash outlay necessary to host the meet will be in the range of $40,000 - 45,000.
Surprised? Are you wondering how RG #24 can afford such an expense?

The meet committee composed of RG #24 members must plan and prepare to host the meet. While this duty is a heap of work, the committee has a second equally daunting task - to raise funds to offset the expense of hosting the meet. The goals set by the committee are to host a fun-filled and well-orchestrated meet that all attendees enjoy, AND to have a financially successful meet that breaks even, thus leaving no financial burden for RG #24.

How could it possibly cost so much to host a meet? We host two dinners - a Welcome Dinner on the opening night and an Awards Dinner to close the meet. Each dinner can cost about $8000-$10,000 just for the food, preparation and serving. There is a weekly rental fee for a very big tent, tent lighting, sound system, tables, chairs, table cloths, plates, glasses and flatware for 300-400 folks, and we provide complimentary refreshments at the Welcoming Dinner ($9000-$10,000). We rent the North Georgia Fairgrounds and pavilion for the week ($1500). Awards and plaques for the show cars are provided ($8000). There are essentials like a dozen porta-potties, hand sanitizing stations, a fleet of golf carts to assist folks from place to place, security guards to watch the cars at night and assist during the day ($5000), judge’s breakfast for 150-200 folks ($2000), and 30-50 cases of bottled water to keep the attendees hydrated. Then there is a slew of items too small to account- envelopes, letterheads, information and direction signs, ads in the “V-8 Times” and other publications. Postage alone for the many mailings to other RG’s, registrants, suppliers, advertisers, etc. will cost an estimated $1000-$1500.

How do we plan to pay for the meet? We pay for the meet by raising sufficient funds (hopefully) to offset the costs. We charge attendees a fee for each activity and meal, but we have to balance what we believe is a reasonable and fair price against the cost of the event. Sometimes we can lose money on an event if we price it too high and too few folks choose to participate. Attendees pay a registration fee that helps pay for judging awards and various rental fees. We sell various items such as club logo clothing, meet memorabilia such as gearshift knobs and posters at a small profit.

There are three other significant avenues for raising funds that we employ, but each requires a tremendous amount of personal effort or contact and followup work:
- As you know several members have built an 8BA engine for raffle. These members donated their time to build the engine, Wills machine shop donated their services to prepare the block and crank, and 5-6 members contributed many weekends to taking the engine to car shows as far away as Hershey, PA to sell tickets. We expect ticket sales minus expenses for parts to net $10,000. Our club could not break even on the meet without the personal contributions of time and effort from these members.

- Suppliers as big as Drake and Carpenter and as small as V-8 club members who do specialized repair work as an avocation are solicited for ad placement in the meet booklet and/or donation of an item or service that can be auctioned at the meet.
- We request individuals and other Regional Groups to donate cash or items that can be auctioned in a silent auction at the meet to raise funds for the meet.

I thank every member of RG #24 for your interest in the 2012 Eastern National Meet, and your willingness to be involved and participate in hosting the meet. It is important that we make “Hiawassee 2012”, a memorable experience for all who choose to attend.
2012 Eastern National Meet         From March 2012 Running Board
June 19-22
Wayne Deitrich
A Chinese raffle is a type of silent auction that we will use at the Eastern National Meet to raise funds to help pay for hosting the meet. Here is how the Chinese Raffle or “auction” works:
● We ask suppliers, vendors, other Regional Groups and RG#24 members to donate items of interest that will attract the attention of those folks attending the meet. The donated items are displayed in a room at the host hotel where meet attendees can easily view the items. Each item is accompanied by a description and a container.
● Meet attendees purchase raffle tickets at a price of $1.00 each and can place as many tickets as they wish into the containers of the items they hope to win. Of course the more tickets an individual places in a particular container increases the opportunity of their winning that item.
● On Friday morning the raffle is closed and a winning ticket is pulled from the container of each item in the Chinese raffle display. The winner of each item is posted and winners take their “prizes” home.

We have collected a varied and interesting array of items for the Chinese Raffle, and would like to add to this array items donated by RG#24 members. What could you donate to the raffle that would add to the following array of items already in-hand?
Crisp $50 bill & $100 bills; $50 American Express gift cards; Illustrated Ford posters; a magnificent 2 ft. diameter professionally hand painted EFV8 club logo, yellow on blue; framed photo of 1935 Ford V-8 Indianapolis race car; large GMP model flathead engine kit; Edelbrock super dual intake manifold for 1938-1953 flathead Ford or Mercury, 18” old style gas pump; 1936 Esso map of New England; $100 gift certificate from LeBaron Bonney; gift certificates from Joe Smith Antique and Hot Rod Auto Parts, Antique Auto Battery, Lucas Tire, C&G Auto Parts, Mac’s Auto Parts; EFV8CA Restoration Books; metal scale models of old trucks; old issues and complete years of “Woodie Times” and various auto magazines; R&M Auction books for the Nick Alexander Woodie Collection and the Dingman Flathead Ford Collection auctions; various gift baskets of Georgia items ...... and more.

If not, what are you waiting for? COME JOIN THE FUN !! Contact Bob Schwartz for registration information (770-363-3225).
If you have pre-registered, but not submitted your full registration package, please do so as soon as possible BECAUSE, WE ARE GETTING CLOSE to the maximum number of folks that can be seated at the WELCOME DINNER and AWARDS BANQUET!
Don’t procrastinate.   As my dear Mom would tell me, “HE WHO HESITATES IS OFTEN LEFT BEHIND”. So heed the simple WISDOM of my MOM !! Mom made sure she was never left behind.
2012 Eastern National Meet           From May 2012 Running Board
Registration chairman Bob Schwartz reported there are 127 registrations for the 2012 meet with 97 cars expected, he expects about 50 more. Jerry Reichel said the raffle engine will be in Charlotte for the Auto Fair, we have been given a space at Dennis Carpenters Tent. The raffle engine will also be at the Norcross show on May 19th.

2012 Eastern National Meet Report    (from July 2012 Running Board)
Eastern National Meet Chairman Wayne Deitrich and Committee members Lamar Hart. David Jumper, Fred Lindquist, Jerry McIntosh, Bob Padovano, Mike Pertsch, Jerry Reichel, Bob Schwartz, Bert Steele, Lorraine Steele, and Larry Tanner devoted twenty six months to planning, fund raising, organizing and executing the 2012 Eastern National Meet in Hiawassee Georgia.

Like anything worth doing, it required an incredible amount of time and effort. We participated in thirty planning meetings, traveled several thousands miles and engaged in hundreds of phone calls and emails. We lost some sleep, sometime lost patience, but gained respect for each other. Along the way we got lots of help and support from our wives, other Georgia Regional Group members and neighboring Regional Group members.
The Early Ford V-8 Club Of America is blessed with some very dedicated individuals. I’m proud to be a part of it.

All that hard work paid off. The four day event proceeded as planned. Guest saw some outstanding flathead Ford vehicles, enjoyed varied seminars, took a train excursion, visited the home of Cabbage Patch Kids, and participated in a scenic tour over the mountain to Larry Bailey’s collection. Everyone seemed to enjoy the mountains, the lake view, the entertainment, and southern hospitality. And we enjoyed seeing them again too.

In summary, 197 national members, from 23 states, attended, and entered 147 vehicles. We thank all of you for attending the 2012 Eastern National Meet.

Georgia RG 24 Winners At Hiawassee
Locally, 17 members of RG 24 won 20 different awards.
Concourse Class: Larry Bailey-’34 Roadster, Marcus Bailey-’40 Convertible & ’40 Pick Up, Wayne Deitrich-’39 Convertible, George Rawlins-’40 Convertible. Bert Steele-’39 Coupe.
Dearborn Class: Larry Bailey-‘37 Coupe, Wayne Deitrich-’38 Convertible, Jack Henry-’32 Roadster, George Rawlins-’40 Coupe.
Emeritus Class: Jerry Reichel-’51 Tudor.
Rouge Class: Lamar Hart-’40 Tudor, Steve Kruger-’51 sport Sedan,
Bob Ralston-’51 Mercury Fordor.
Touring Class: Cleve McAfee-’51 Pick up, Jerry McIntosh-‘51 Station Wagon.
Touring A Class: Dale Dewberry-’36 Tudor, Jerry Grayson-’50 Crestline, Fred Lindquist-’39 Coupe, Bob Padovano-’51 Tudor.
Display: George Bugg-’40 Telephone Truck, John Davis-’39 Railway Express Truck, George Flanagan-’32 Roadster, Buster Tankersley-’53 Pick Up with Midget Race Car, Roy (Bang) Hatcher-’39 Coupe.

Who Won The Raffle Engine at Hiawasee 2012?      From July 2012 Runninng Board
The lucky winner of the flathead engine was Steve Anderson of Newnan Georgia. His winning ticket was drawn on June 22 at the Awards Banquet for the 2012 Eastern National Meet in Hiawassee Georgia.  Mr. Anderson is not a member of the Early Ford V-8 Club, but he hopes to build a replica 1932 Ford roadster for the engine.  Anderson was very enthusiastic about winning.  He reports that he purchased the winning raffle ticket at the Moultrie Auto Fair on February 4 or 5, 2011.
We remember that weekend well.  It was February, cold, windy, and raining both days.  Moultrie is in the flat part of south Georgia.  The Auto Fair is located on a former Air Force base.  The wind and rain blew right through our tent.  This was the very first show for this newly built engine.  In fact, it was so new that it was not even running yet.  My records show that our raffle ticket sales for that two day trip was only $610.00.  That’s not much for four members traveling 300 miles.  But we made one customer very happy, so that really makes it all worthwhile.
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