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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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Blue Ribbon Grill
Lots of FUN on a Saturday Night  (12-30-2016)
This appeared in the July 2006 issue of our Running Board
From March 2008 Running Board           Report on March 1 Saturday Night Social
Members, friends, and family came out on Saturday March 1 to the Blue Ribbon Grill for an evening of good conversation (not all V8 talk), good fun, good food, and general joviality. An earth shaking change took place that evening when Bob Padovano and Roy Hatcher were served their dinner early instead of last or not at all. It seems the table chaired by the Reichels was served their dinners when the others were almost finished. Randall Malone drove his very nice 1940 coupe there, the only flathead that night. There were 29 participants there for an enjoyable evening. If any members who can find the time, join the group next month on April 5 for a fun time and good food.
Bert & Lorraine Steele Bob & Ann Butler
Randall & Kay Malone Roy & Janelle Hatcher
Gary & Nila Benton Ken & Jean Wells
Doug & Cindy Smith Joe & Jean Smith
Jimmy Dorsey Wayne & Joy Hicks
Lamar Hart & Nancy Bireley Bob & May Ann Padovano
Jerry & Cheryl Reichel with Robert Padovano
April 2008 (from the Running Board)      Report on Last Saturday Night Social
By Fred Lindquist
The Saturday Night Social was again held at the Blue Ribbon Grill at Northlake on Lavista Rd. The restaurant personnel were ready and set up a long table for the group. Two waitresses were assigned to take care of everyone. There were twenty one people to show up for this activity, despite at least four members who were in Charlotte with the raffle engine. Everyone ordered their meal and the service was very good. Interestingly, Roy Hatcher was the first person served, but everyone knows that is because Bob Padovano was there. Bob was served next to last, clearly following tradition. Mary Anderson was the last to be served, maybe starting a new tradition. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves that evening. There was good food and good conversation. If you were not able to come to the Blue Ribbon Grill, mark you calendar for next month, May 3 at 6:30 P.M. It is informal, the food is good, conversation is good (it is not all V8 talk), and everyone gets a separate check. It is a pleasant evening.
Roy & Janelle Hatcher Bob & Ann Butler
Bill & Allison Swilley Joe & Jean Smith
Bert & Lorraine Steele Ken & jean Wills
Dick & Mary Anderson Fred & Katie Lindquist
Bob & Mary Ann Padovano with family members Robert, Debbie, & Stacy
Report on Saturday Night Social March 7 2009
Members of Regional Group #24 with their wives and significant others got together at the Blue Ribbon Grill on Saturday for the monthly dinner outing. Again, everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, good food and good conversation for a delightful evening. It was good to see Jean Smith at the dinner as she had just returned home the day before from rehabilitation. Lamar Hart was the only member to drive his V8, a 1952 Victoria. Dale Dewberry, a guest invited by Joe Smith, came for the evening and joined the club. He is the owner of a 1935 Tudor. It turned out that Lorraine Steele and Dale grew up in the same area and reminisced about their childhood. Please mark your calendar and join the other members next month.
Roy & Janelle Hatcher, Doug & Cindy Smith, Bob & Mary Ann Padovano, Bob & Ann Butler, Bob Ralston, Jerry & Cheryl Reichel, Joe & Jean Smith with Laura & Justin, Bert & Lorraine Steele, Dale Dewberry, and Fred & Katie Lindquist.
Report On Saturday Night Social At The Blue Ribbon Grill    From Sep 2011 Running Board
By Fred Lindquist
A group of Region #24 members and family gathered at the Blue Ribbon Grill for dinner on Saturday September 2. A long table was provided for the group and it was filled. This social event is always a lot of fun with good conversation with a lot of joking and laughing, good food, and pleasant surroundings. There were 21 individuals who showed up for this event. The restaurant is very cooperative setting aside an area for us because we never know how many people will show up. If you have never attended or you have attended infrequently, make plans to join the members there if you can. It is informal and everyone gets a separate check.
Attendees: Ken & Jean Wells, Bob & Ann Butler, Bob & Mary Ann Padovano, Roy & Janelle Hatcher, Lamar Hart & Nancy Bireley, Fred & Katie Lindquist
Joe & Jean Smith with Lauren, Justin, & Karen, Bert & Lorraine Steele
Jerry & Cheryl Reichel
We have "Social" (an "Optional Meeting") on the 1st Saturday of each month, (except around Christmas sometimes) at 6:00 PM, at The Blue Ribbon Grill, at 4006 Lavista Rd, Tucker, GA 30084.      
(770) 491-1570        It's about 1/2 mile inside I-285 on Lavista:      

Everyone is invited - most everyone brings their wife or girlfriend.  We simply get together to have a nice meal & drinks and "tell LIES" about old Fords. 

If at all possible, PLEASE call ahead to Lamar Hart at 770-496-9928 or 404-254-4388 so he can be sure to reserve enough seats - it is a very popular place.
From Sept 2006 Running Board
Saturday Night Social
Saturday, October 7, 6:30 PM
Blue Ribbon Grill
Tucker, GA
The first official monthly social drew a congenial crowd of twenty-eight to the Blue Ribbon Grill. We dined and talked about almost everything except flathead Fords. This event will continue on the first Saturday of each month; same time, same place. We thank Bob Butler for originating this event.
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