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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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National Early Ford V-8 Club of America
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Our Club History  (Pg 1 of 2)
Red Byron with the #22 1939 Ford Standard Coupe
This past month has been a busy one.
   FIRST, we has a wonderful meeting with some of the best chicken and dumplings with biscuits I have ever had!! Diane Elias, you sure can cook!!
   SECONDLY, The Southside club members have started a new club (RG#160) which will make for healthier national club.  It makes good sense as almost every meeting more than half the members have to drive 50 miles one way through rush hour traffic.  Also, more members will be able to drive their flatheads and isn't that what it is all about?
Most of the Southside members plan to maintain a dual membership and we are welcome to go to their meetings too .
   THIRDLY, the Running Board received honorable mention from the National.  Most importantly, do not forget that the April 26th is the Annual Fish Fry and Auction.  Please bring items to donate that can be auctioned off and of course it goes without saying bring money to buy these items, also bring a health appetite
The first officers of the club in 1970 were S. R. Jones, president.  Mike Elias, VP, Branton Davis , treasurer, with 35 active members.  The first official tour was to the Little White House in 1974.
   In 1977 the club held a very successful Eastern National Meet, "V-8 Heaven in '77" with John Davis president and Joe Pruitt, meet chairman.
   Alice Kilgore created our 1st newsletter, "Restoration Blues and  News" on May 1, 1974 (or possibly earlier), which later became, The Running Board.
   With Les Fisher as pres, and Lawson Cox as meet chairman, the club hosted our 2nd successful Eastern National Meet, "Give 'em a Drive in '85".
   In 1992 with Bob Butler as president, the club raffled off a 1940 flat head engine.
   In 1997, with Roy Watson as president and Don Collier as meet chairman, the club held another Eastern National Meet, "V-8 Heaven in '97"
Our Club's '39 Ford Standard Coupe - a replica of #22, the 1st Car to win a NASCAR sanctioned race, driven by Red Byron, at the Daytona Beach Road Course on February 15, 1948.    (we started building it in 1993 - it is now sold)
April 2001
NOTE:  Les & Bev did travel all over the USA for many years.  Then, they DID return - in 2018, and are now again very active in the South Club.
May 2000 TFRB
Dec 1998
I'm guessing Big Jr is Waymon Brownlee as it mentions "Big Junior and Shirley" (I think - 4th line up in lower-left) and she is in front of a 46-8 Merc Coupe, as she was in an earlier photo.  He was the Pres. in 1979-80 so, maybe those are the years here.  Jerry Grayson is mentioned a few times.
John Warren & Susan Lischke (80) apparently were the "news Staff" in 1980.  (John was elected Pres. In 1978.)  

Pres: Waymon Brownlee  (? -II or Jr.?)
VP: Buddy ? 
Secr: Clarence Haven? 
Treasurer: Ralph Rivers

BOD: Horace ?Gannion?,  Randall Malone, Marvin Hill, Gene Terrill
Alice Kilgore was the 1st Editor in 1974, Frank (Don) Kilgore was treasurer
Ph 341-4795 Forest Park GA 30050
This may have been May 1,1974 (the 1st Tour announcement was in what was called "Restoration Blues and News".
June 1998 (from 1975)
June 1997 Running Board
July 1997 TFRB
It changed to "Restoration News" in Feb 1976 & finally to The Runnning Board in Jan 1986.
Oct 1997
Harold Thompson wrote this in the Dec 1997 issue of TFRB.
This announced our Club's very 1st Official "out of town" Tour - May 1, 1974
This is a copy of the Oct-Nov issue of Restoration News 1984
Apr 2001
The names of the original
26 Charter Members -
as I see them:

1.  S. R. Jones (dead)
2.  R. T. McDaniel (dead)
3.  Elmer Turvey
4.  Dennis Lening
5.  Gene Terrell - still active
6.  Mike Elias - still active

7.  Jack W. Werk (dead)
8.  B(raton).S. Davis
9.  Charlie Jones (dead)
10. C.F. Hammons
11. James Yarborough
12. Marvin McBee
13. James G. (Bud) Shelton
14. D(anny).L. Shelton
15. J.V. Hartman (dead)
16. Michael J. Garrison
17. Robert Horton
18. R. N. Burtz
19. James K. Dutton (dead)
20. John Draper
21. Roscoe L. Hansen
22. Gordon Reese
23. L(ewis) Reese
24. J. (?W.) McCreary
25. J. A. Stanley
26. Joseph G. (Joe) Smith
      - still active
1999 - 30th Anniversary - "re-enactment" of our 1st Ever Tour to Stone Mountain on May 8. 1969
Tommy Protsman, owner of the Auto Museum at Stone Mountain Park, celebrated his 86th Birthday.
Burns Cox (#5: 00188  1 of 6 shots there)  Dec 1998 meeting photos
Early in 1999 - I don't know where - 30th Anniversary of the Club.  Burns Cox (#6: 00022 & 23 )
Re-creation of our Club's 1st-Ever-Tour to Stone Mountain Park in 1969 (our 30th Birthday)
Cox scrapbook  #7: 00047 to 00053
Dan Orten was elected president and served for the first half of 1987. Orten was replaced by Burns Cox as the seventeenth president with Cox being reelected twice in 1988 and 1989.
Bob Butler was the eighteenth president and served three terms, 1990-1992. During this time the club rebuilt and raffled a 1940 flathead V-8 engine, with the guidance of Harold “Putt” Smith. Les Fisher was elected to a second stint as president in 1993. During this term a 1939 Ford standard coupe was purchased and restored as a replica of car No. 22, the first car to win a sanctioned NASCAR race at the Daytona Beach-Road Course on February 15, 1948 and driven by Red Byron.

Don Collier was elected the twentieth president and served two terms in 1994-95. The club celebrated its Twenty-fifth Anniversary in 1994 and hosted an all Ford car show at Clayton State College in Morrow, GA.  During 1995, Jerry Grayson
organized and led a two-night weekend tour to Chattanooga, featuring a riverboat ride on the Tennessee River.
Roy Watson was elected the twenty-first president in 1996 and reelected in 1997.  In 1996 RG#24 submitted a bid, which was accepted, to host the 1997 Eastern National Meet. Don Collier was appointed meet chairman Also in 1996, the club held a Spring weekend tour to Ocala, Florida to meet with the Florida regional groups and tour the Don Gar
’ Museum. In the Fall, a tour through middle-
Georgia to an antebellum plantation was held. In 1997, RG#24 hosted its third successful Eastern National Meet where the restored replica of car #22 was displayed. The meet theme was “Early V-8 Heaven in ‘97”.  Club membership had grown
to 110 very active members!

Also in 1996, the club held a Spring weekend tour to Ocala, Florida to meet with the Florida regional groups and tour the Don Garlits’ Museum. In the Fall, a tour through middle-Georgia to an antebellum plantation was held. In 1997, RG#24 hosted its third successful Eastern National Meet where the restored replica of car #22 was displayed.  The meet theme was “Early V-8 Heaven in ‘97”. Club membership had grown to 110 very active members!

Thank you to Harold Thompson for sharing the Burns Cox article. 
Part 3 to follow in the March 2013 Ford Running Board.
              - Part 3 did not "follow" in March,
but it was published in Aug & Sep of 2013:
Rivers (1982), Randall Malone (1983) and Cox again in 1984. In 1985, Les Fisher was elected the fifteenth president and with Lawson Cox serving as meet chairman as RG#24 hosted its second successful Eastern National Meet, “Give ‘Em A Drive in ‘85”
Fisher was reelected in 1986, a year that featured a Spring tour to Ashville, NC and the Biltmore Estate.
After Joe Smith reviewed this 4-3-2018
Part One
From June 1996
Was it Morris Bailey?  He had
a mustache like this.
It started here- a list of PROSPECTIVE Members done on Nov 11th 1968.    We're not sure what the 2 different sets of numbers mean, but we know, one way or the other, that these were the guys (and one gal) that made it happen.  We got our Charter on Nov 30, 1969.
According to Gene Terrell (member #5), the ORIGINAL Meeting was called for by an Ad, in 1968, in the Atlanta newspaper by S.R. Jones.  There were 4 people that attended, on a Sunday, all alone in the Parking Lot of Lakewood Shopping Center (closed on Sunday - now gone) :  S.R. Jones, Gene Terrell, James Yarborough and a 4th young man (who remembers his name?) that worked as a body-man (he may or may not have had his own body-shop) and taught Gene how to lead-in a car.  From this meeting, interest grew and it precipitated this following list:
1974 Membership ROSTER       (download)
Most of our Founding Members are found here.
website counter
   Download Part-1
   Download Part-2
   Download Part-3
Another Club History was written by Burns Cox, probably around 1981.   Download
30 years later, on the anniversary of our receiving our charter, we go this award from the National Club.
Probably Dec 1974 (I'm not positive)
I don't know the year & month - OLD
Oct-Nov 1974 (more pages appear elsewhere here)
Our club continued to grow, BUT so did Atlanta.    Traffic became a bigger & bigger problem - our area was very large - and it got to the point where some members had to travel 2 hours or more just to get to the monthly meetings.
So, members on the South side of Atlanta decided to start a new Chapter.
From The Crankshaft June 2017

   Forming The Peach State
      Chapter - RG#160

In last monrth's issue of The Crankshaft we talked about  the evolution  of Peach State  Regional Group #160 in 2002 and 2003 from a concept to a fully accredited Early Ford V8 Club by the national organization, and now celebrating its 15th year.

This month, we look at how the
club went from being the Southside
Flatheads to Peach State #160
and took on a charitable project
that became the Club’s finest hour.

The organizing group for the south
side club was diligent in 2002 in its
efforts to meet requirements for
National accreditation by creating
a monthly newsletter, The
Crankshaft; naming the club
Southside Flatheads and electing
officers for the year 2003.

As Roy Watson, one of the early
proponents of a south side Early
V8 Club, remembers: “We now
had a name and officers of the club.
we could then officially apply for
Regional Group status of the Early
Ford V8 Club of America.” 

The charter members and officers
of the Club as Watson remembers
were Watson, President; Mike
Elias, Vice-President; Jerry
Grayson, Secretary/treasurer;
newsletter editors, Mike Elias and
Wilbur Guy; Club Directors, Putt
Smith, Rod Hill and Bobby

Other charter members were
Ralph Broadwater, Derel Nation,
Walter Cantrell, Harold Byrd,
Gene West, Tim King, Fred
Sheram, Bobby Mobley, Mike
Coggins, Les Fisher, Randy
Williams, Paul Carlton, Larry
Tanner, Sam Butler, David
Shufeldt and Jerry Townsend.

At its fourth meeting in early
2003, a regional director of
the National club was present
at the invitation of Watson. He
was so impressed with the
interest and enthusiasm for a
new south side club, he
promised to walk through the
application for national

No sooner than the approval
came through, it became
apparent within the club that
“Southside  Flatheads” wasn’t
exactly going to cut it. It
seemed there was another
local group with a similar
name. No one wanted to be
confused with another group,
particularly when there was
high interest in creating one’s
own identity. With the urging
of Jerry Grayson, “Peach State
Early Ford V8 Club” was
adopted but then hit a snag
with National because they
never had a club to want a
name change. National didn’t
know how or what to do!  After
a few back and forths between
Watson and the National
President,  “Peach State” was
ultimately  approved.
Meanwhile, the group,
realizing the value of a good
communication vehicle,
decided to name its
newsletter THE CRANKSHAFT,
a name aptly suggested by
Putt Smith.

In one of the very early Board
meetings of Peach State
#160, the group adopted a
concept that three principles
should rule the club:
#1 All spouses would be
equal and encouraged to be
active members.
#2 Have a club which gave
back to the community using
the hobby as a venue.
#3 Always have an on going
club project where members
could rally around an
obtainable goal working
together as a club.

It was this mindset that propelled
#160 into its first Club Project that
would take two years to finish
but would bring out the best in
a young Early Ford V8 club.

“Restore an early Ford V8,
raffle it off to raise funds and
donate those funds to a
worthy charity” was a the goal
as Roy Watson remembers in
his notes.
Where to get the vehicle was
another question. And what
about money for the project?
With only a scant few dollars
in the club treasury, the club
decided members who wished
would loan the club some
money.  Ultimately  10
members  each  posted  $250
with the understanding they
would be reimbursed from
proceeds of the raffle before
any other disbursement.
  So, with $2500 in the kitty,
the club began its quest for a
project vehicle and a worthy

Lady Luck was with them.
Within the Club, Ralph
Broadwater had a ‘48 F-1
pickup he would sell for
$1,500. Good start.
Better luck.  Ralph told the
group if they would make
Cystic Fibrosis the charity, he
would donate the truck for
free. He had a grandson with
Cystic Fibrosis and he wanted
to do something positive for
the fight.

It was a win, win situation..
except for where can we do this
huge restoration job?
Bobby Mobley came to the
rescue with donation of space
in his new shop. An
appropriate christening of his

  The enthusiasm for the
project was so great Roy
Watson described it this way:
“In less than three hours the
truck was fully disassembled
and the bare frame carried out
the door. We knew then we had
a club we could be proud of.
So began the project, but it
would take nearly two years of
blood, sweat and tears by club
members pouring their spare
hours and talents into bringing
the old truck from despair to
literally better than when it left
the factory.

Club members with particular
expertise gave freely of their
precious time with Putt Smith
doing the rebuild of a correct
motor and transmission.
Andy Coker, a paint specialist,
putting the color to the old
Jerry Grayson, whose specialty
is brakes, doing a complete
brake system. Others such as
Rod Hill and Bobby Bradley
turned wrenches, ran wires
and provided their own
particular expertise.
Many, many others, too
numerous to name, found
grease and grime in places
they didn’t know they had
places. But the hardest work
was yet to come.

They now had a truck built 
better than new, had a viable
charity and had some pretty
good sized bills to pay. But
mainly, they wanted to present
a nice check to Cystic Fibrosis.
Now, they really needed to sell
some raffle tickets.
During much of mid year 2005
the Club beat the many paths,
selling tickets to the drawing
to be held later in the year.
As Watson remembered, “We
had people who thought they
couldn’t sell anything turn out
to be some of our best ticket

The Club went from car show
to car show, almost door to
door, showing the beautiful
red truck and hawking tickets.
Members sold tickets at $10 a
pop wherever they could get a

With a date of October 1,
2005 in mind for the drawing
the club struck an agreement
with promoters of a City of
Fairburn Days celebration,
with the City agreeing to make
a car show, drawing and
giveaway a central point of
their festivities.

When all was said and done
at the end of October, 2005,
Peach State RG #160 had
paid all their related bills,
reimbursed the members who
put up money up front,
presented a  better than new
1948 Ford F-1 pickup to
Rueben Knowles and gave
Cystic Fibrosis a  check for
$15,000!  An accomplishment
they  could justly be  proud of.

In 2007 the Club  took on
another major project to raise
money for kids with Cystic
Fibrosis raising over $6,800 in
a one day show event. This
time the same cooperative
spirit prevailed in the difficult
and highly detailed charity
event, showing the Club’s
willingness to rise to the

In 2008, ‘9 and ‘10 the Club
sailed along, growing in
membership and fellowship.
But alas,  stuff happens.

It did in 2011 when
differences arose over the old
nemesis, money.  A small
group  took their toys and
went home. This was the time
and season for the Club to see
that of which it was made. The
remaining 70 or so members
gathered their determination
and went forward, closer than
Today Peach State #160
consistently registers more
than a hundred members,
frequently electing newer
members into the club’s
leadership seats as officers
and directors.

As all Early Ford V8 Clubs in
America must do, Peach State
#160 is exploring ways to help
bring in younger members, if
the club is to survive and
thrive. One concept is to work
with local schools in their
industrial arts or shop classes
to take on projects such as car
or motor rebuilds, thus
exposing more youth to the
history of the great old Fords.

With many members of RG
#160 facing the infirmities of
age, challenges to the club
increase.  But this group
seems to be facing up to those
challenges with its sense of
purpose,  particularly  by
working to stimulate interest
in Early Ford V8’s among the
young.  By doing so, the
rumble of the Flathead motor,
shine of the chrome and the
paint of the fenders and hood
might shun the ravages of
time,  continuing forever the
Early Ford V8 as a true
American icon.

Editor’s note:  I wish to thank
several old time members of
RG #160 for their time,
knowledge and assistance in
providing remembrances  and
notes  for  this  little dissertation,
particularly Roy Watson, Rod Hill,
Bobby Mobley, Jerry Grayson
and Putt Smith. If you want some
good Ford stories, ask any one
of them.  Bill Wilson, editor

June 2001
So long, good friends
Roy Watson presents a plaque to Les & Bev Fisher before they left to "see the world".
JulAug 1974
The 1st Work Shop Meet was held Aug 4th, 1974 at Herb & Marge Brubeck's home in Crabapple Ga.
From Dec 1996 TFRB
A better copy of a copy - the Original CHARTER MEMBERS - taken from Dec 1999 TFRB.
Download  11-14-1968  Prospects List
This photo, of our Original Charter Members, came from the JulAug 1970 issue of the V-8 Times Magazine.
Can anybody, perhaps our older members, name who all these wonderful people are?
V8 Times JanFeb 1970
we got our charter
Feb 1975 Restoration Blues and News
Burns' scrapbook #9: 00067-68 & 69    When were these?  1985 to 97?
Waymon Brownlee, ?Jerry Windle National Pres 1992 & more?, Burns Cox, Fred Lindquist
From April 1996   (Harold Thompson)
Past Editors of our Newsletters:
         “The Restoration Blues & News”
1974 (Jan or Feb): Alice Kilgore created the 1st newsletter, called
         "Restoration Blues and News" 
1976 Feb: Jack Henry
1977 Feb:  John Lischke
1978 Feb:  Buddy Bernard
1978 Dec:  John Lischke
1981 Jan:  Buddy Bernard
1981 Nov:  Bobbie Rivers
1982 Jan:  Elaine Hill
1983 Jan:  Les Fisher
1985 Jan:  Bobbie Rivers
1986 Feb:  Lawson Cox-II (thru at least 1987 July) - Name changed to
          "The Running Board"
1987 Aug-1996 Feb:  UNKNOWN at this time
1996 Mar:  Lawson Cox-II
1998 Jan:  Bob Padovano's address but maybe Thompson?
1999 Jan:  Harold G. Thompson
2000-Oct:    Kelly Hintz
2002-Jan:    Bill Swilley -  Mitch Gadd was Co-Editor Feb-July 2002
2002-Sep:   Jim Duggan
2004-Sep:  Julie Knott
2006-July:   Lamar Hart
2013-Jan:   Glenda & Lance Bucky
2015-Jan:  NONE (Lamar sent out a single bulletin - so there were
                   NO months without anything)
2015-Feb:   Bob Schwartz
2018-Feb:  Lamar Hart (temporary again)
2019-Mar:  Dick Anderson (also Webmaster)
  #1  1970: S.R Jones
  #2  1971: Joe Smith
  #3  1972: Bob Plaxico
  #4  1973: Ed Bellinger
  #5  1974: Clarence Haven
  #6  1975: Jerry Grayson
  #7  1976: Clarence Haven
  #8  1977: John Davis
  #9  1978: John Lischke
#10  1979-80: Waymon Brownlee
#11 1981: Lawson Cox
#12  1982: Ralph Rivers
#13  1983: Randall Malone
(11) 1984: Lawson Cox
#14 1985-86: Les Fisher
#15  1987: Dan Orten (1st 1/2 yr)
#16  1987: Burns Cox (2nd 1/2 yr)
(16) 1988-89: Burns Cox
#17  1990-92: Bob Butler
(14) 1993: Les Fisher
#18  1994-95: Don Collier
#19  1996-97: Roy Watson
#20  1998: Harold Thompson
#21  1999-2000: Mitch Gwinn
#22  2001-02: Jerry Reichel
#23  2003-05: Fred Lindquist
#24  2006-08: Lamar Hart
#25  2009-10: David Jumper
#26  2011-13: Jerry Mcintosh
(23) 2014: Fred Linquist
(22) 2015-16: Jerry Reichel
(26) 2017-18: Jerry Mcintosh
#27  2019: Greg Barner
#28  2020: Larry Shutts
Past Presidents of our Club