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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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        We are proud members of the
National Early Ford V-8 Club of America
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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Regular V8 Club Meetings
From Aug 2013 TFRB
July Regional Early V-8 # 24
Club Meeting
July 13, 2013
Location: S& S Cafeteria-Embry
Time: 12 Noon
There was a group of 18 hungry
club members and 6 wives
chewing the fat along with two
guests, William and Chase
O’Bannon, grandsons of Lance
Bucky, waiting for the signal to
proceed to the cafeteria’s line.
The cafeteria has such a great
selection that it takes a few
minutes to make a decision on
what to eat. A semi-private dining
section had been set aside for our
lunch and club meeting. The
attendants kept our drinking
glasses full, and everyone’s
cleaned plates was evidence that
the food was delicious.
By 12:45, we had finished our
respective meals and the meeting
The meeting was adjourned at 1:10
p.m. Bill Swilley made the
motion, which was seconded.
A group of club members then
proceeded to the Cofer Car
Collection after directions were
given to those who were
unfamiliar with the area. We
arrived at the Cofer Car Collection
around 1:29 p.m. After a few
minutes the museum’s manager,
Cecil Mc Call, called everyone
together to give us a guided tour
with information on each car’s
unique qualities and previous
owners. Each vehicle had an
‘interesting story’ on its
acquisition and or restoration.
Members were free to ask
questions and take pictures of the
cars. We gathered up for a couple
of group pictures which will
appear in the August issue of The
Ford Running Board.
We thanked Cecil Mc Call and
departed around 2:50 p.m.
Jan 2004 TFRB
The April meeting was held at Wayne Allen's
Harley Davidson motorcycle shop in Austell on April 1,
1997. There wasn't a single April fools trick pulled as
far as I know. We had the biggest turnout of any
meeting to my memory, and I have been in the club
since 1976. SEVENTY-FIVE (75) present.
There were a few visitors counted in that number, but
still, a great turnout. Maybe it was the Yellow Jacket
hot dogs, or was it the motorcycles, or perhaps a
chance to see the raffle car in person? Whatever. A
great turnout. Our club continues to grow, and to
have a greater variety of functions and events,
whetting the interest of more and more folks.
The meeting was short and sweet, giving us
plenty of time to look over Wayne's great facility.
Sure does not look like the stereotypical motorcycle
shop. You could eat off of the floors. (In fact 1 did. I
dropped a couple of potato chips on the floor and had
no compunctions about just wolfing them down like I
did the rest of the great refreshments.) It also gave us
a lot of time to look over the raffle car and a lot of nice
V-8's that were driven to the meeting.
Present at the meeting were:
Don Collier, Morris Bailey, Larry Bailey, Mitch Gwinn,
Bobby Mobley, Fred Lindquist, Doug & Elizabeth
Hollandsworth, J.W. Bailey, Neal Freemen, Harold
Smith, Walter Cantrell, Larry Tanner, Tim King, Jerry
Grayson, Clarence Haven, Jerry Carpenter, Richard
Street, Hank Young, Ron Degges, Roy Hatcher,
Bryan and Patsy Cravan, Bob Cassedy (Visitor), Colin
Cameron (Visitor), Jim Brown, Marcus Bailey, Bob
Sims, Lonnie Chastain, Tom Thompson, Blake
(Please print your names folks), Burns Cox, Don
Morris, Brad Limbach, Jim Lamb, Don Lee, Edith
Channell, Les Fisher and Bev and Amber Nicholson,
Sam Colvin, Mike and Duane Elias, Corkey Walters,
Lawson Cox, Don Lee, Gene West, Harold Byrd, Ray
Christine, Bill Cole, Bill Boone, Rod Hill, Mike Coggins,
Cary Hill, Bob Padovano, Harold Thompson Roy
Watson, Jerry Robbing (?) (Again, please print) and
Wayne Allen.
May 1997
June 1997
June 1997
Report on 2010 Meeting at Morris' Garage
Thank you Morris, Lucille and Friends
Morris Bailey, you did it again! You broke the attendance record for the year. We really appreciate all the hard work you and your circle of friends put into hosting the April meeting. We thank you, all of you. It was also the very best turnout of old cars since last year. It’s a unique meeting in a unique setting and we love it!
(from May 2006 Running Board)

Our April meeting was hosted by Morris and Lucille Bailey, with the generous help of Calvin and Connie Cannon, along with
Rick Wilson.  We really appreciate their efforts that went into this meeting.  The Coca-Cola sign on Morris’ garage says established
1956.  Fifty years has not altered this place.  It’s a nostalgic look at how most independent repair shops looked a half century ago.
Somehow it just feels good to nose around the shelves and corners filled with years of parts and pieces. We look forward to
returning.  Thank you, all of you, for volunteering your help.
This doesn't begin to show all the cars - they ran forward from here all the way to the road and filled his yard - off to the left & back
Big Turnout For Interesting Program at Will's Machine Shop                     From Mar 2012 Running Board
We had 31 members and guest at Will’s Machine Shop for the March 6 club meeting. Mark and Will Hodges again took great care of us. We especially appreciate their contributing the food and refreshments. Please keep them in mind when you need any machine shop services. They do good work and deserve our support.

Ed Preston who has extensive experience with racing engine oils and additives presented the program for the evening.  Both NASCAR engines and early Ford flatheads use flat tappets riding directly on the cam.  They both need ZDDP additive to prevent rapid wear in this area.  However recent unannounced changes in oils with a rating of SM and SN include additives that reject the ZDDP.  Ed Preston recommends that we use engine oil with an API rating of SL or lower.  By lower, he means lower on the alphabetical scale of the second letter. For example SK or SJ and on down the scale. Such oils will allow the ZDDP, that you add, to adhere to the cam and tappets.  Ed says these oils are available but are hard to find.  This recommendations would apply to older motorcycles, motor scooters and other small engines that do not have roller cam followers.

Ed. Note:  Since this time, Ed found out that Driven Oil has an entire line of special oils that have the ZDDP and everything else for flat-tappet cams & racing (Driven Oil was invented & founded by Joe Gibbs, of NASCAR Racing Fame, out of necessity - the oils & gas they had to use were destroying their engines.) .  He also found that they have a product, Carb Defender, that most effectively deals with the ethanol corrosion problems cause by modern gasoline in older cars - like WE drive!  He was so impressed that he talked them into hiring him, so he has gone to work there - and a major part of his job is giving seminars at trade shows & dealer sales meetings.  Also he convinced Will & Mark Hodges to stock the Driven line.  And, they are offering all our club members great discounts - better than anywhere else I am aware of.
I, Dick Anderson, liked it so much that I prepared a simple data-sheet (to see & download a copy, click here for the data-sheet & here for a Driven Catalog)  that details the problems with modern gas & oils as well as how Driven Oil products fix these problems.
From Sep 2011 Running Board   Thank You Last Meeting
We sincerely appreciate Mike Adams of Enviro-Cool
for hosting the September 6 club meeting. They provided the meeting space, paid for supper, and gave a very interesting program about antifreeze and how they recycle this product. We really appreciate their extra effort. For more information about their services, Google, Enviro-Cool.

From Oct 2011 running Board
Mike Adams and Carl Gardei gave a very informative talk about anti-freeze, they told about its history, its chemical make up and its many uses. They also told about how their business Enviro-Cool operates, how they collect the used anti-freeze, how they clean it and how and where it is reused. They also told their future plans to make their operation more efficient. Their program was very informative and well presented. Thanks to Mike and Carl and all those involved.
February Meeting 2008
Tuesday, February 5 at 7:30 PM    Magna Shocks (the old Carrera Shocks building)   4512 New Peachtree Road   Chamblee, GA
Host: Dick Anderson     770 377 6430 / 770 451 8694
Directions: From I-285, take Peachtree Industrial Boulevard south. Go 1½ miles to Chamblee Dunwoody Road. Turn left onto Chamblee Dunwoody. Go ½ mile, under RR tracks, to New Peachtree Road. Turn right onto New Peachtree. #5412 is on the right, across from Chinatown. Dick has been very generous to host our club meeting for several years. Be sure to tell Dick how much we appreciate that kindness.
Date: Tuesday February 7, 2006, 7:30 PM   Location: Magne Shocks (Old Carrera Shocks Building)
5412 New Peachtree Road Chamblee, GA
Host: Dick Anderson
Cell Phone: 770 377 6430   Business Phone: 770 451 8694
Directions from I-285:  Take Peachtree Industrial Boulevard South, go 1 ½ miles to Chamblee Dunwoody Road, turn left (East) Go ½ mile, Under RR tracks To New Peachtree Road, turn
right (West) To #5412 on right, across from Chinatown.
June 2007 Running Board
Thank you Dick Anderson
The May 2007 meeting was hosted by Dick Anderson at the Magna Shock Plant in Chamblee. This is one of those informative meetings because Dick usually talks about some cutting edge technology in shock absorber development. And we enjoy that gear head stuff!
Thanks again, Dick, everyone enjoyed the food and the program.
February 2010 Meeting       Thank You Dick Anderson   (From the running Board)
We thank Dick and Mary Anderson for hosting the February Meeting. They always make us feel welcome and comfortable. We appreciate the extra effort they put into being such good hosts
From June 2011 Running Board
July Meeting Tuesday July 5, at 7:30 PM at MagneShocks
(the old Carrera building)   4510 New Peachtree Road  Chamblee, GA 30341
Host: Dick Anderson    770 377 6430 / 770 451 8694
Dick Anderson has invited us again to come to his shop for the July Meeting. He has been very generous to host a club meeting year after year, and we appreciate it. Dick has moved into the 4510 side of the same building. This is where Jeff Friedman displays his inventory of collector cars, so there will be some interesting vehicles to see. Please make a special effort to join us.
Directions: From I-285, take Peachtree Industrial Boulevard south. Go 1½ mile to Chamblee Dunwoody Road. Turn left onto Chamblee Dunwoody. Go ½ mile, under RR tracks, to New Peachtree Road. Turn right onto New Peachtree. #5410 is on the right, across from Chinatown.

From July 2011 Running Board         Thank You Dick Anderson
We thank Dick Anderson for hosting the July 5 club meeting. He has hosted a meeting for several years. Dick always makes us feel welcome and serves a great supper. Thank you again Dick, we really appreciate it.
Monthly Meeting, July 5th 2011   From Sep 2011 Running Board
Hosted by Dick and Mary Anderson
President McIntosh called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.   Invocation was given by Jimmy Dorsey.  President McIntosh thanked the hosts Dick and Mary Anderson, Dick and Mary always are great hosts with plenty of good food and lot of interesting “gear head stuff” to look at. The day of the meeting was a very hot so everyone agreed to keep the meeting short.  Mary said lunch was ready so President McIntosh recessed the meeting and everyone enjoyed a delicious and plentiful lunch.
President Lindquist called the meeting to order at 7:30.  Bill Swilley gave the invocation.  President Lindquist led the pledge of allegiance.  Guest John Goldsmith was introduced.
January minutes and treasurers report was approved as printed in the newsletter.  Membership chairman Morris Bailey reported no new members.
   V8 Times correspondent  Burns Cox reported he expects good coverage again next month, Burns does a excellent job and has the attention and respect of V8 Times editor Jerry Windle, Thanks to Burns RG24 gets lots of print and our activities are well known through out the club.
   Running board editor Julie Knott is also doing an outstanding job, her articles and features on automotive history and everyday life are receiving rave revues and good comments from both members and wives, knowing Julie we can expect more of the same.
   VP Bob Padovano announced the March meeting will be at Morris Baileys, a Saturday meeting and pasta dinner is in the planning stages.  President Lindquist announced a future Saturday meeting at the Atlanta History Center, the History Center would like some cars on display, club members would get free admission plus a tour of the Swan House.
   National Meet chairman Lamar Hart said everything is on track, there will be plenty of parking for club members, will need more help, please sign up.  Valentines party is the 19& don't forget to sign up.  V.P. Bob Padovano passed out info on 6V alternators, he also announced a cruise-in at RT 66 Restorations in Suwannee on Sat. March 6th.
   Host Dick Anderson took the floor and talked about his new project, "MAGNA SHOCKS", he introduced his engineers, he asked that we split into several small groups for a detailed look at how they work and all the technology and all the testing involved in there production, surely they would improve the handling on our V8's , all we need is a computer that will operate on 6V POS. ground!
   Special thanks to Dick ,Mary and crew, the three kinds of chili were all excellent, I think most guys tried all three.  Being no further business the meeting was adjourned.
Attendees: Mike Elias, David Posey, Harold Smith, Wayne Hicks, Waymon Brownlee, Fred Lindquist, Doug Smith, Burns Cox, Neal Freeman, Rick Wilson, George Flanagan, Jim Duggan, Harold Thompson, Julie Ann Knott , Rod Hill, Jeff Smith, Bob Mobley, Charlie Adams, Cleve McAfee, Roy Hatcher, Sam Butler, Dick and Mary Anderson, Don Collier, Morris Bailey, Lamar Hart, Bill Swilley, Carl Smith, Bob Padovano, Lance Buckey, Don Morris, Jerry Reichel.  Total 31
Respectfully submitted: Jerry Reichel, secretary.
May 1998
  Various Meetings Hosted by MagneShocks
January 2016
Burns Cox scrapbook (#7: 00009 - 10 )  Meeting at Morris Bailey shop
Burns scrapbook #7: 00014)
See photos below
Club Auction at Clubhouse - 1998 or 1999 - I'm not sure.
Burns' scrapbook #7: 00035 to 40
Burns; scrapbook #8: 00005-6
#8: 00008-9
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V-8 Times  NovDec2006 (by Burns Cox)
Dec 1999 TFRB
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