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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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        We are proud members of the
National Early Ford V-8 Club of America
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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Cofer Collection - Tucker GA
From April 2008 Running Board             Report on Cofer Car Collection
Saturday April 19 was a beautiful morning to tour an antique auto museum. Skip Cofer met us at the museum with his wife and his curator. We were treated to a detailed car-by-car tour of the fifty plus collection of some of the finest antique automobiles. We learned about the history of each car and its outstanding features. Many beautiful and rare cars are represented here but the highlight for many of us were the flathead Fords.  Featured in that area is a 1932 roadster, 1939 4 door convertible, 1940 woody station wagon, 1948 Sportsman woody convertible.
We had a big turnout of fifty-five members and guest. Most of us drove a few miles to the Basket Restaurant in Stone Mountain Village for lunch. They had one side of the restaurant reserved for us and seemed to have extra staff to provide prompt service. The food was good. It was Emily Freeman’s birthday, someone brought a cake, we all gathered around and sang. It was a fitting conclusion for a pleasant v-8 day.  We thank Fred Lindquist for planning this outing and we regret that Fred and Katie could not be with us.
Lamar Hart Bert Steele
Joe & Linda Huggins Jim & Penny Nossett
Jack Henry & Victoria Gatle Charlie & Jeanene Adams
Jerry & Cheryl Reichel Doug & Cindy Smith
Bob & Lynn Schwartz Bob & Mary Ann Padovano
Frank Arnold Mark & Pat Burt
Jay Friedman James Dorsey
Larry & Carol Tanner Vince Ruyle
John Trout Ron Cash
Bill Leach Steve Schmeelk
Morris Bailey Rick Wilson
Doug & Elizabeth Hollandsworth Marty Ledbetter
Carol Stapler Jimmy Fischer
Neal & Emily Freeman Roy Hatcher
Sam Butler Ray Dorsey
Jerry McIntosh Joe Mac Donald
Marcus Bailey Bob Butler
David Jumper Lance Bucky
John Dorsey Julian Pappas
David Bishop Jr. Wes Freeman
By Fred Lindquist
Saturday morning started with a light rain and the forecast was for continuing rain until noon. It was unlikely that members would drive their V8’s in the rain to Tucker. Jerry Reichel drove the only flathead that day. By 10:00 A.M. members started arriving. Cecil McCall, curator of the car collection, had coffee and doughnuts ready. Members of the Corvair Club began arriving also, some driving their Corvairs. Quite a large crowd had assembled within a half hour. The collection of museum cars is outstanding and everyone enjoyed getting close to them for inspection. The entire group was assembled and Cecil McCall and Chip Cofer took the group on a tour of the collection telling the individual stories about each car. This was truly an opportunity to learn the fascinating details of the cars and the collectors, including Gene Cofer who was responsible for initiating the collection. At noon, we thanked Cecil and Chip for opening the collection to the club and for their generosity and hospitality.

Some members headed away and others drove to the Basket Bakery in Stone Mountain for lunch. There was good food, good conversation, and a good time at the restaurant. The restaurant owner was very interested in seeing our V8’s and invited us back in better weather to eat on the patio and they would reserve parking spaces for our flatheads.
There were 51 Region #24 members and guests at the Cofer museum and 17 members of the Corvair Club and 2 members of the Lincoln Club at the museum for a total of 70 participants. Eighteen club members ate lunch at the Basket Bakery along with four members from the Corvair Club.

It was good to see Jack Henry again as well as Frank Arnold. We hope that Don Allgood, Robert McCart, and Al Chelena attend to more club outings.

Club Participants:
Bob & Mary Ann Padovano with daughter Debbie, Don Morris, David Posey, Gary & Nila Benton, Jerry & Cheryl Reichel, Jack Henry, Lamar Hart, Don Allgood, Lawrence Stevens, Robert McCart, David & Becci Jumper, Jimmy Dorsey with guests Ronald Chupp & Kenny & Kathy Field, Bert & Lorraine Steele, John Pollack, Tom Sapp, Frank & Hope Arnold with son Dave, Joe & Linda Huggins with Jim & Jan Morrison, Larry & Carol Tanner, Al & Linda Chelena, Bill & Allison Swilley, Harold Thompson, Joe Smith, Rod Nun, Ron Silver with guest Gary Silver, Bob Butler, Doug Smith, Frank Sessions, Katie & Fred Lindquist, Jim Cauthorn with sons Joseph & Jacob, Bob & Beverly Stroud, and Janice Cox. Corvair Club members: Gerald Lamb, Al Hilderbrand, Keith & Sharron Buckenstock, Mark & Allison Crowley, Tom & Marty Fuchs, Gordon Hunter, Chuck Armer, Jim McLott, Michael Cobb, Mark & Jackie Ligler, Ted & Nancy Fahrentodd, and Lanny Milbrandt.
Chip Cofer and Curator Cecil Mccall are always great tour host who share lots of information about this outstanding collection.
Lamar Hart
From the Oct 2014 Running Board
August 2013
Feb 2001
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Club Tour - 5-17-2014
From Aug 2013 TFRB
July Regional Early V-8 # 24
Club Meeting
July 13, 2013
Location: S& S Cafeteria-Embry
Time: 12 Noon
There was a group of 18 hungry
club members and 6 wives
chewing the fat along with two
guests, William and Chase
O’Bannon, grandsons of Lance
Bucky, waiting for the signal to
proceed to the cafeteria’s line.
The cafeteria has such a great
selection that it takes a few
minutes to make a decision on
what to eat. A semi-private dining
section had been set aside for our
lunch and club meeting. The
attendants kept our drinking
glasses full, and everyone’s
cleaned plates was evidence that
the food was delicious.
By 12:45, we had finished our
respective meals and the meeting
The meeting was adjourned at 1:10
p.m. Bill Swilley made the
motion, which was seconded.
A group of club members then
proceeded to the Cofer Car
Collection after directions were
given to those who were
unfamiliar with the area. We
arrived at the Cofer Car Collection
around 1:29 p.m. After a few
minutes the museum’s manager,
Cecil Mc Call, called everyone
together to give us a guided tour
with information on each car’s
unique qualities and previous
owners. Each vehicle had an
‘interesting story’ on its
acquisition and or restoration.
Members were free to ask
questions and take pictures of the
cars. We gathered up for a couple
of group pictures which will
appear in the August issue of The
Ford Running Board.
We thanked Cecil Mc Call and
departed around 2:50 p.m.
JUNE 27, 1998 - from Burns Cox's scrapbook (#5-00128 to 00134)
Burns' scrapbook #10: 00014 to 18
I don't know when - perhaps around 1985?  Don Collier's daughter Becky looks like a teenager - she was born around 1969 (friends with my daughter Sarita - same age).
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