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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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FlatheadFord Engines
What's MY engine's Displacement?

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We can use this Calculator with this formula  to calculate the displacement:  Enter what is Blue.  (that in parentheses appears on its screen)
1st:  Press (enter) "
C" to clear the computer.
Then enter
3.175 (std. Bore) + 0.030 (oversize) = (3.2175 new bore) ÷ 2 = (1.6085 is 1/2 the bore) x 1.6085 (times itself) x 3.1416 (Pi)
x 3.75 (stroke) x 8 (number of cylinders) = 243.88 cubic inches displacement. 

If you know the bore & stroke you can skip the first part:  3.4375 ÷ 2 = 1.71875 X 1.71875 X 3.1416 X 4.125 X = 306.26  (the biggest!)
This appeared in our Mar 2013 Issue of the Running Board
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The Life-Cycle of the Flathead 1932-1953
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From Long Island RG#21 March 2019
This article appeared in our Dec 2004 issue of The Running Board
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