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2019 marks our 50th Anniversary                 50 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             50 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 50 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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                 We are proud members of the
National Early Ford V-8 Club of America
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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The NATIONAL Early Ford V-8 Club of America has their own Classifieds section, which covers the entire U.S. & the World.
You will find a lot of "goodies" here but time & freight have to be considered too.  National Club Members can place ads here too.
OUR Classified Ads
Antique automotive items are free of charge to club members and will be listed for four (4) months (they can be re-listed by written request).  (be sure to attach them if you send in an ad).
You can add up to 6 Photos, Links or Files to each Ad
There are three (3) ways you can place an Ad:  Send your ad to the editor via Place an AD via Email (to the Webmaster from the, or in writing or Call it in to Dick at 770-377-6430
PLEASE:  If your ad Sells, or is Bought - PLEASE let me know so I can remove it
The Swap Meet (by Fordbarn) lists lots of parts - some quite rare.
The H.A.M.B.  has Classifieds, H.A.M.B O'Dex (where Services & Offerings are posted) and H.A.M.B. Alliance (a Membership group offering several benefits and where vendors offer discounts).   They also have 10 Forums covering all forms of Cars, Hot-Rods, Customs; Art; Events; Tech Advice etc..  This is a great place for Old Hot-Rod movies & photos.
FORSALE: Mercury 1940 Four door convertible sedan. In restorable condition. I have had this car in my basement for 36 years and over that period of time I have collected, to the best of my knowledge, all parts necessary for restoration. NOS grill, 2 fenders, running boards, header bow, and more. Complete top irons. Door center post. Lots of extras to go with it to complete project . (No plastic) $24,000  
John Davis  404-310-5211   (9-18)

FOR SALE: 1934 parts left over from restoration. Water pumps, shocks, generator, starter armature, fuel pumps, oil pump, coil, camshaft, 1939 pedal assembly, backing plates and shoes (no drums), to convert to juice brakes, (no sheet metal), headlight lens, tail light, and other parts, some new mohair all for $150.  1970 to current issue Ford V8 Times $50.
NOS 1958 Mark-III & 1955 Ford wheel cover $25 each.
Also, a walking foot sewing machine to do automobile or home upholstery work $200. 
Jack Henry 404-761-6189  (9-18)

FOR SALE: Any one interested in a V8 8BA, 276 cubic inch freshly built with new parts, a 3-5/16 inch bore, 4 inch Merc. crank, low time Mallory D/P/ distributor that has never been in a vehicle and only run on a test stand. 
The asking price is $6,000, far less than the cost of the parts.  
Cole Young  770-475-4521.  (9-18)

FORSALE:  Reproduction 1933-34 Ford front & rear fenders. Never used. Bought at Charlotte Auto Fair $1600, sell for $1200. Also, used front fenders. Contact Calvin-home: 770-923-3192 Cell (after 5 PM) 770-295-8151   (9-18)


Ford Flathead V8 .. 1932 thru 1953    Dedicated To Preserving An American Legend
This is "Flatheads R US" - they now have a section on EBAY.
FOR SALE: 1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan- restored 40 years ago. The engine is a 100 horsepower flathead & the car has been converted to 12 volts. This car was rebuilt from a rust free car out of Kansas. Car is located in Monroe NC.      (9-18)
Ken Randall phone: 704-624-6811
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WANTED: I need a Project Car, preferably something a little Different-like a Merc or Lincoln.  Can’t be too expensive - one that needs TIME, not Money.
Dave Quam  404-427-2717 
email:   (5-19)
WANTED:  I need a 51  Ford TRANS-complete 3-spd WITH or W/O Overdrive.
Dick Anderson 770-377-6430  email:  (5-19)
FOR SALE: A friend of mine has an Original Ford All-Purpose Traveling Light.  Anybody interested?   
Dick Anderson  770-377-6430   email:  (5-19)
WANTED: Windshield wiper tower for the passenger side of a '40 Ford Coupe.  Or both if someone has them.  Towers are identical for a coupe or sedan.  Convertible is different. 
George Rawlings 404-457-3590.  (6-19)
FOR SALE:  My collection of georgia sample tags.  All in excellent condition-the 1933 tag is faded but in great condition.  This run starts with 1929 and goes through current.   55 tags total (remember later years tags had a sticker and did not change style).  Includes several graphic tags, humming bird , golden retrever, bycycle, eagle, firefighters, real olympic, and a real para olympic, ( one of georgia's most colorful tags!) And a national guard.  Plus a giant (2×3 foot) pasteboard para olympic tag.  Reduced to $2500.  Call Roy Watson  706-538-1185 or 404-642-6766   (6-19)
FOR SALE:  Tool box/extra storage box that fits 1933 or 1934 Ford cars only.  Mounts under the hood on the slanted fire wall very neat and rare!  I have one mounted on my 1933 Ford for about 25 years now.  I have a set 0f water pumps, a fuel pump, a spare fan belt, a section of straight hose, a spare distributor, a set of spark plugs, a length of fuel hose, a generator, a set or heavy duty jumper cables, a small socket set, a set of open/boxed end wrenches, various other items like a roll or tape, a fender cover, a length of electric wire (two sizes) all in this box!  It is packed in, not much room left.  This is in excellent condition, painted gloss black (can be repainted to match your car).  $350 or best offer. If you have a 33 or 34 ford you need this!  ROY WATSON  706-538-1185 or 404-642-6766  (6-19)
FOR SALE:  1950 Ford Custom Deluxe 4-door sedan.  It has it's original black paint, every glass is the original Ford Scripted. The flathead has been recently rebuilt and the three speed plus overdrive shifts nicely,  The interior has been redone in the original pattern.   It is a time capsule and very presentable as is, ready for Summer tours.  Asking $10,500.  Richard Grace  404-944-2724   (6-19)    
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FOR SALE: 1936 NY Plates. $50.
Tom Mohrman 516-242-1635 Riverhead LI
You might find this interesting - Burns Cox prepared this for the Running Board around 1990.
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