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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
Club Calendar
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        We are proud members of the
National Early Ford V-8 Club of America
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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Members & Their Cars (2 of 3)
Morris Bailey's 40  Deluxe Coupe
John Schrapper's 50 Crestliner
John Murrill's 36 3-window Coupe
Neal Freeman's 51 Victoria H/T
JW Bailey's 53 Mercury H/T
Eugene Novy's Green A - 100% Ford
Jimmy Dorsey's '34 Phaeton at Henry's Winter Home
Jimmy Dorsey's '34 Standard Tudor Sedan
Dave Quam's '46 Ford Pickup
Morris Bailey's 40 Deluxe Coupe
John Schrapper's 50 Crestliner
John Murrill's 36 3-window Coupe
NealFreeman's 50 Victoria Hard Top Coupe  (deceased)
J W Bailey's  '53 Merc Hard Top
Eugene Novy's Green-A (100% Ford)
Jimmy Dorsey's 1934 Ford Phaeton
        at Henry's Winter Home
Jimmy Dorsey's 1934 Ford Standard Tudor Sedan
Dave Quam's 1946 Ford Pickup
From Dec 2008 Running Board
Congratulations to Jerry Reichel
Jerry has just been elected President of the National Early Ford V-8 Club of America. Jerry hopes to bring some fresh new ideas to guide this club into the future. He will need your help and support along the way. So please be ready to lend a hand.
Congrats and good luck with this new challenge Jerry.
                                                                                                                            (* =deceased)
Dick Anderson        JW Bailey               Marcus Bailey     Morris Bailey*          Greg Barner
Barksdale Collins   Dale Dewberry       Jimmy Dorsey     Neil Freeman*         Wayne Hicks
John Lawson          Cleve McAfee         R.T. McDaniel     Jerry McIntosh          John Murrill
Eugene Novy          David Posey           Dave Quam         Jerry Reichel            John Schrapper
Bob Schwartz         Putt Smith               Faron Stephens   Buster Tankersley   John Trout
Ken Wells               Rex White               Millard Young
Cleve McAfee
Cleve McAfee's '50 Coupe & '51 Pickup
Greg Barner's 38 Plymouth
Joy Hicks, wife of Wayne Hicks, received the Top 25 Award at the Norcross Car Show, and the Minister’s Choice Award at the Smokerise Baptist Car Show, for her 1938 Ford pickup truck. Congratulations Joy!
Morris Bailey's 39 Coupe
Feb 2003  TFRB
Dick & Mary Anderson's '51 Customized Vicky
Featured in Rod & Custom in 1956  (powered by a 303 Olds)
Nov 1999
Morris Bailey
Jerry & Cheryl Reichel
John Schrapper
Millard Young
John Lawson
Jerry & Vina McIntosh
John Murrill
Buster Tankersley
David Posey
Dale Dewberry
Marcus Bailey
Some of Marcus' extraordinary woodwork
Marcus' '40 deluxe Pickup
Faron Stephens
Jimmy Dorsey
Barksdale Collins' 1943 Jeep (GPW 39A-810)
Neal & Emily Freeman
Kem Wells
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Faron Stephen's Model-A
More on Dick's Pan-Am Lincoln etc.
John bought it & "Re-restored" it in 2011
John Trout's '40 Ford Standard Tudor
John Trout's '40 Standard Tudor
John bought it & "Re-restored" it in 2011
John Trout
TFRB Feb 2003
Bob & Lynn Schwartz
Jerry & Vina McIntosh
From The Crankshaft Nov 2018
From The Crankshaft Aug 2018
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Barksdale's 1937 Coupe
Joy Hicks' '38 Pickup
SepOct 2013 V8 Times
Dick Inducted into Ga Racing Hall of Fame 8-6-2018
Dick's Career Summary
Dick's Bio-Summary
Carrera Firsts
Sept 2002 Speedway Illustrated
"Dick Anderson - The Voice Of Experience
           Read it all (4-pgs)
From Mar 1995 TFRB
Jerry ran for & attained National Club offices & served us well - see farther down