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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
Club Calendar
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        We are proud members of the
National Early Ford V-8 Club of America
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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Seniors Emissions Exemption Form (GA)  Did you know that there is a way Seniors can Avoid an Emissions Test on their cars (in the Atlanta GA area)?  Even on newer ones!  This can SAVE you lots of $$, time & aggravation.

Georgia Tag & Title Rules   (From Georgia Motor Vehicle Division:) This is complete - 64 pages - Relax - it may take a while.
Can They Outlaw Hot Rodding?   Not if We and You Have Anything To Do With It!  By Drew Hardin of Hot Rod Magazine, December 01, 2010
The Sema Action Network (SAN)   has produced model legislation to create titling and registration classifications for street rods and custom vehicles, including kit cars and replicas. Under the SEMA model, eligible vehicles are titled as the production year they most closely resemble, are required to meet the equipment standards for that model year and are exempt from periodic vehicle inspections and emissions inspections. Click here to download a copy of the bill.

SEMA (Specialty Equipment market Association)  History   A love for cars, trucks and SUVs is the motivating force behind the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). This trade association consists of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers, street rod builders, restylers, car clubs, race teams and more.
Tag & Title Toolbox:  Everything You Need to Register and Title Your Hobby Car in All 50 States.
Keeping Pace with Legislation Trends   Our Congress & States are hatching all kinds of devious plots - called
"Car Laws"    Federal Regulation of Aftermarket Parts   There is no end to the "Regulations" that our government is "supposedly" Protecting us with.  If you manufacture any Aftermarket Products you better read this.
Will new California legislation affect your collector car?    YES!  Car culture seems to incubate in California until it builds into a wave that crashes inland from the Pacific Ocean and rolls across the country toward the nation's eastern shore.  For classic car collectors, the newest wave building in California is something called the GreenRod Project - and that's green in more than one of its definitions because it's going to cost you money while it cleans up your classic vehicle's emissions.  But it could have been much worse.   It could have taken away the keys to your cherished collector car.
VETERANS - Did you know you can get a FREE Drivers License in Georgia?  Click HERE to see how easy it is.
(it appears the form no longer requires War-Time service and the VA can also give you the required Form DS-516)
You can get Special License Plates for Old Cars & Veterans - sometimes at NO CHARGE.  Click HERE for the info & rules.
Some SPECIAL Car Insurance Companies will SAVE you LOTS of $$ if you have several Old Cars - much more than most regular Insurance Companies. Check them out HERE.
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