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32 Ford Roadster
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Lincoln Flathead V-12 Engines
History of the Lincoln V-12

1st Series
Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln division began producing a V12 engine just as Ford introduced its Flathead V8 in 1932. The original 448ci Lincoln V12 was used in the large Model KB line for 1932 and 1933. It produced 150 horsepower and was an unusual 65-degree L-head design. The large crankshaft was supported by seven main bearings.

2nd Series
Lincoln introduced another V12 the very next year (in 1933) to replace the aging V8 in the KA model. This 382ci engine was quite different in design from the KB’s massive engine but would serve the company for many years even though it was enlarged the next year.

The KA’s 382 V12 was enlarged for 1934 to replace both the 1932-design 448 and the 1933-design 382.  This new engine displaced 414ci and produced 150 horsepower.  All Lincolns in 1934 were powered by this new 414 V12.  The 414 lasted through the end of the Model K’s production just before World War-II.

3rd Series
The first Lincoln-Zephyr models, of 1936, used a 267 cu. In. Engine (of 75
º bank angle) which produced 110 horsepower. This engine was upgraded with hydraulic lifters in 1938 and produced  one further year.

The engine was enlarged for 1940 and 1941 to 292ci and was used from late 1946 through 1948.

A single month of 1942 production used a 305ci version of the engine.  Resurrected after the war in 1946 (with 7.2:1 compression and 2-barrel/twin choke carburetor), it was rated at 130 horsepower for a short time before reverting to 292ci  for the rest of 1946 through 1948.
"Hot" Zephyr V12 Engines  H&H Flatheads has built several- some even  with a supercharger.
Lincoln Zephyr V12                             
Hemmings Article on Lincoln Zephyr V12
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Wikipedia article - lists all types of V12 Engines
Did you think you've see it ALL?
How about a Zephyr V-12 in a Motorcycle?  
Complete with a Continental Kit!
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