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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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Moonshine Festival - Dawsonville GA
      Moonshine Festival Report 2013  
              (From Dec 2013 Running Board)
George Flannigan, my grandson, William O’Bannon, and I departed from our neighborhood at 6:45 a.m.  It was a bone chilling 35 degrees.  We met Bob Palavando and his wife at the Kroger grocery store while getting gas. We went up Beaver Ruin Road to I-85 and exited at Steve Reynolds Blvd to go thru Duluth. With the exception of almost missing a turn or two, we arrived at Dawsonville, GA around 7:15 a.m. Temperature-still a bone chilling 32 degrees! 

George and I parked alongside the shopping center-Bob decided to enter the car show and parked in the area beside Hwy 53. He was parked next to Marcus Bailey who was in his ’40 pickup truck. Accompanying Marcus was is son-in-law, Ronnie Holand, who was driving his Falcon hardtop. George, my grandson, and I proceeded up to the town square to  look over the Moonshine type cars.  We met up and walked with Mark Bernath who was heading to the town square. 

The Moonshine cars consisted of numerous ’38-’40 Fords  and a
good number of 1957 Fords. Most of the cars, that had been in position since the night before, had roofs covered with a coating of frost. There were cars in various configurations and modifications to suit anyone’s tastes.  I talked with a fellow and his buddy who drove from West Virginia. I also saw a few cars that had come up from Florida. There were cars from South Carolina and a few Jackie Jones cars at the jailhouse area. Jimmy Fisher was parked at the jailhouse with his ’34 Ford 3 window coupe.

Old Ford people Charles Brock, Wayne Pugh and Wayne Blackwood had their coupes parked on the town square.  We also saw the recuperating Larry Bailey. 

We were stopped in our viewing by a noisy parade of dirt track race cars running open exhausts and  squealing tires.

On our way back to the Dawsonville Museum Car Show area we ran into Dave Jumper and his entourage who were going to the town square area. We stopped and looked at a Ford Galaxie Club’s car show, which was held on the Dawson County School’s parking lot, between the museum and downtown area. Every imaginable ’60-‘’66 Ford Galaxie was in attendance. 

A swap meet was held behind the shopping center complex. We walked around a little and there were plenty of vendors. While we were eating lunch, Jimmy Fisher came by riding a 1962 Schwinn ‘Springer’ bicycle he had just purchased at the swap meet. He was very happy with his ‘find’ of the day. He stopped and talked with us explaining the finer points of this particular bicycle. 

Bob Padovano’s ’51 Ford won an award at the show…Congratulations! The judging teams consisted of Georgia Street Road Association’s members.
Sept 2004 TFRB
Oct 2004
  Nov 2004 TFRB
Junior Johnson
November 2004 TFRB
                        From Dec 2014 TFRB
Some of the Club Members and Visitors at the recent Moonshine Festival:  Bill Vinther (from AZ), George Flannagan, Don Bryant (MI), Bill Swilley, and William O’Bannon (grandson of Lance Bucky)
Nov 2004
From Burns Cox's scrapbook V7-00115-116 (1999)
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