Email contacts for other Early FORD V-8 Newsletters:

Peach State V8 RG#160 (South Club) - The Crankshaft
          (Bill Wilson)   bobeque@bellsouth.net
Palomar MtnV8s RG#148  Valve Chatter (Cal Westra) pmev8@wefrogit.com,
Deuce News (Jim Barton) jobarton@sbcglobal.net,
Flathead Flyer RG#54 (Jim Snyder) jksny@charter.net,
                                  and jksny@charter.net
Flathead Newsletter (Alan Clendenen) arc40s@comcast.net,
Ford Script News (Al Meier) almeier9@yahoo.com,
Ford V8 Foundation (Frank Scheidt) V8foundation@frontiernet.net,
Memory Lane RG#73 (Ken Check) w6ski@comcast.net,
Montgomery County TX (MCTxNewsletter) rjpapciak@att.net,
NW Indiana V-8 Times RG#69 (Stonebraker) wjsdjs@netnitco.net,
Puget Sounds RG#18 (Norm Larabee) psrg18newsletter@msn.com,
Redwood Review RG#27 (Pat Brunanchon) patb4re@ap.net,
The Distributor RG#28 (Brad Hunsinger) brhunsinger@msn.com,
The Headliner RG#36 (Norman Heathcote) vvomllc@hotmail.com,
The Road Chatter RG#8 (Illinois) editor@nirgv8.org,
The Running Board RG#24 (Lance Bucky) gbucky7093@aol.com,
The Script RG (Dallas) carlson@planodallas.com,
V-8 Club Distributor (Candy Fenner) cfenner@cinci.rr.com,
V-8 Past Times (Carlene Covino) v8pasttimesnewsletter@yahoo.com,
Valve Clatter RG#96 (Virginia) helenandken@verizon.net,
Valve Chatter Palomar Mtn RG#148 Temecula CA (Cal Westra 951-816-9534)
          editor@valvechatter.org  and pmev8@wefrogit.com
Vintage Vehicle Voice (John McBurney) john34v-8@sbcglobal.net,
Voice of the V-8 (Becky Swenson) bswenson@gmail.com,
Wichita V-8 Flyer RG#25 (Gilbert Adams) adamsgl@earthlink.net
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OTHER V8 Newsletters
The "South Club" (Peach State RG#160)
The Crankshaft:
  Bill Wilson Editor bobeque@bellsouth.net 404-660-6902
2019 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2018 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2017 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2006 Aug

CCCN Colorado Collector Car News
2014  Nov Dec

Valve Chatter - Palomar Mountain RG#148
951-816-9534  Cal Westra Editor & past pres, editor@valvechatter.org & pmev8@wefrogit.com
Old Copies; http://valvechatter.org/blog/
2013   Nov
2014:  Jan
2017:  Oct
2018:  Feb

Flathead Flyer - Cornhusker RG#54
2015:  Jan Nov

Golden Iron car Club - Waltrip Interview
2014 Dec
2015 Jan

V-8 News - Southern Ontario RG#149 (SORG)
2014  Feb Mar Apr
2015  Feb Mar Apr Jun Dec

Puget Sounds (PSRG)
2014  Nov
2015  Jan Mar Jun Oct

Road Chatter from the Northern Illinois Regional Group
2014  Mar  Apr  Dec
2015  Jan Mar  Apr

Twisted Krank from Suwannee River RG#140 - FL
2014  Apr  Dec

The Fordist - SoCal Group II
2014  Apr

Valve Clatter North Va RG#96
2015  May
2016  Apr

The Distributor - Hi-Country V8Reg #28
2018  May

Voice of the V8- Inland Empire - Group #23
2016 up can be downloaded from their webpage https://www.earlyfordv8ie.org/
2014  Apr  Nov-Dec
2015  Jul Aug Oct

Ford V8 Foundation News
2005 JanFeb
2017 NovDec
2018 JanFeb MarApr
2019 JanFeb
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2019 marks our 50th Anniversary                 50 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             50 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 50 years - WOW! !     
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