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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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Raffle Engine (2010-11)
WHOSE Motor Scooter? (6-24-2012)
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These Raffle-Engines (a 59A & a 8BA) appeared in The Dec 2004 issue of our Running Board.
From our April 2007 Running Board             Early Ford V-8 Foundation Fund
The Georgia Regional Group #24 Board of Directors has voted to launch a fund raising program to help the Early Ford V-8 Foundation. The goal is to raise $4800.00 to contribute to their building fund. We will build and raffle a flathead V-8 engine to accomplish this.
The Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee is Jerry Reichel. We have secured an engine, we have the trailer, and a few volunteers are in place. The decision has been made to hold the drawing at Hershey in 2008. The wheels have already begun to turn on this project. We need your help to make the most of this worthy project. If you can help in any way, please contact Jerry Reichel.
From our Sep 2007 Running Board           Early Ford V-8 Foundation Fund
We took the raffle engine to Clarksville last month. This bright shinny flathead engine really stops people. Our raffle ticket sales totaled $952.00 and we gained a new local / national member. We are very pleased with these results especially since this is a smaller car show. In fact, it is much better than we did with two engines at the same location a couple of years ago. We will need your help in selling raffle tickets at several upcoming events.
We plan to send a package of raffle tickets to each member to sell. The package will be $20.00 in raffle tickets. All of us will appreciate your support for this worthy cause.
From our Dec 2007 Running Board                Early Ford V-8 Foundation Fund
We carried the raffle engine to The Moultrie Fall Auto Fair last month. This little beauty continues to surprise us with its’ ability to raise money for the Early Ford V-8 Museum in Auburn Indiana. We raised another $1609.00 for this worthy cause. I urge you to consider membership in the Early Ford V-8 Foundation. They will make a major contribution to keeping our cars prominent. The annual membership is only $25.00.We thank the following members for putting on the aprons and selling raffle tickets: Jerry Reichel, Lamar Hart, Bob Schwartz, David Jumper, Jimmy Dorsey, Larry Tanner, and Gary Benton.
From April 2008 Running Board     Early Ford V-8 Foundation
Our engine raffle took us to the Charlotte Auto Fair at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway a few days ago. The two and one half day event gave us ticket sales of $3275.00. The sales crew included Gary Benton, David Jumper, Larry Tanner, Jerry Reichel, and Lamar Hart. The Board of Directors forwarded $4800.00 from the Engine Raffle Committee to the Early Ford V-8 Foundation. We have enough funds to send another $4800.00 but it would deplete our account.
We plan to send a $30.00 package of raffle tickets to each club member so that everyone may sell a few tickets. There are only three more auto shows before the October 10 drawing.
From July 2008 Running Board       V-8 Foundation News / Report / Future activity / Motorfest IV
Fred Lindquist reports that there is $6,145.71 in the EFV-8 Raffle account. We have already sent $4800.00 to the Early Ford V-8 Foundation for the Auburn, Indiana museum. We still have three more shows to work: Clarksville, August 15-16, Charlotte, September 4-6, and Hershey, October 8-10. We still need volunteers to work these last three events.
We really appreciate the support that RG 24 members have given to this campaign. You have been generous in buying raffle tickets, selling tickets and volunteering to help when things needed to be done. Your work has been noticed by the Foundation, and by the National, and by other Regional Groups. You can take pride in supporting this worthwhile cause.
Motorfest IV, August 23-26, Auburn, Indiana is a celebration of the Early Ford
V-8 Foundation Museum. It will feature a welcome party, a cruise-in, a poker run, building dedication, and banquet. There will be will be driving tours to historic homes, museums, a winery and a covered bridge.
From Sept 2008 Running Board     Early Ford V-8 Foundation Engine Raffle
We raised $1820.00 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte last week. A special thanks go to Gary Benton, David Jumper and Larry Tanner for helping Jerry Reichel and me.
Our final raffle location will be Hershey, with the drawing on Friday October 10. Please come see us there. We’ll let you help sell raffle tickets,
Last call for raffle tickets. If you still have raffle tickets, please send your payment and ticket stubs in the next few days so we can get them in the drawing. We thank all of you who already purchased tickets.
From Oct 2008 Running Board    Early Ford V-8 Foundation Engine Raffle
The engine was won by Dick Clause from Lackawaxen, PA.  He was at Hershey so we contacted him after the drawing.  Jerry delivered the engine to him on Saturday.  We were fortunate to sell about $5500.00 of raffle tickets the last week in Hershey.  Our thanks to Bob Padovano, Garry Benton, Fred Lindquist, Jerry Reichel and Lamar Hart for working at Hershey this week.  Fred will make sure that all expenses are paid and wrap up the funds before the next Board Meeting.
A special thanks goes to Janice Cox for donating a 1940 Ford cut-away transmission to the Early Ford V-8 Museum.  This very rare piece of equipment was given to the Foundation while we were at Hershey.
Please Sign The Big Check   From June 2009 Running Board
We have reproduced a large size copy of the $17,654.28 check we presented to the Early Ford V-8 Foundation. The check will be presented to the Foundation at the Central National Meet at Auburn, IN when we are there in August. This check will be at your July and August club meetings and all members are urged to sign The Big Check.
Please consider joining the Early Ford V-8 Foundation. It is a separate organization that is dedicated to the very long-term preservation of these automobiles and information relating to them. It is a most worthy investment of your $25 membership dues. We really need your support.
From August 2011 Running Board
Jerry Reichel announced that the raffle engine and sales crew will be in Hiawassee Aug. 12th and 13th, Clarksville Aug. 19th and 20th and Charlotte Aug 25th 26th 27th, any one willing to help would be appreciated.
President McIntosh displayed raffle tickets for a “Ford Neon Sign” that is being raffled off by Mohawk Valley RG59 from New York; all proceeds go to the Early
Ford V8 Foundation. We need to support this effort, as they have been very supportive of our raffles.
Who Won The Raffle Engine at Hiawasee 2012?      From July 2012 Runninng Board
The lucky winner of the flathead engine was Steve Anderson of Newnan Georgia. His winning ticket was drawn on June 22 at the Awards Banquet for the 2012 Eastern National Meet in Hiawassee Georgia.  Mr. Anderson is not a member of the Early Ford V-8 Club, but he hopes to build a replica 1932 Ford roadster for the engine.  Anderson was very enthusiastic about winning.  He reports that he purchased the winning raffle ticket at the Moultrie Auto Fair on February 4 or 5, 2011.
We remember that weekend well.  It was February, cold, windy, and raining both days.  Moultrie is in the flat part of south Georgia.  The Auto Fair is located on a former Air Force base.  The wind and rain blew right through our tent.  This was the very first show for this newly built engine.  In fact, it was so new that it was not even running yet.  My records show that our raffle ticket sales for that two day trip was only $610.00.  That’s not much for four members traveling 300 miles.  But we made one customer very happy, so that really makes it all worthwhile.
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