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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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Recent Misc. Club Tours (2 of 2)
Brookwood Arts Festival Cruise-In
Sunday October 16th 2016
From Nov 2017 Running Board    Swan House Atlanta History Center Tour
Saturday October 7. 2017
The Swan House is spectacular inside and out. The grounds, the home, and the furnishings are all circa 1928. Even the staff of tour guides play the role of 1928 characters. The gearheads among us marveled at the kitchen and bath appointments. I have been to a lot of home tours over the years, but this is truly outstanding. It’s well done. After the tour we enjoyed an elegant lunch in the Couch House restaurant, which turned out to be less expensive than I had anticipated.
Attendees: Barry & Julie Knott, Bert & Lorraine Steele, Bob & Mary Ann Padovano, Bob & Lynn Schwartz, Lamar Hart & Nancy Bireley, and several members or the Cadillac Club.
Several attendees also took the time to tour part of the ATLANTA HISTO-RY CENTER which is next to the Swan house and included in our ticket. It would take days to really tour all the exhibits which included a history of Georgia and Native Indian tribes, the Bobby Jones story and an extensive Civil War exhibit. Anyone who missed this tour should plan to do it with a lot of time to enjoy everything.
Report on Gwinnett Braves Outing    From July 2009 Runnning Board
We had a big turnout for the “G” Braves at the new Gwinnett County Stadium. It’s a beautiful new facility with plenty of close in parking, located just off I-85. They have a good selection of food and drinks at relatively reasonable ballpark prices.
There were a total of 34 members and guest, including:
Jerry & Cheryl Reichel, Neal & Emily Freeman, Bob & Mary Ann Padovano with guest, David & Becci Jumper with guest, Jim Duggan & Riley, Lamar Hart & Nancy Bireley with guest, Bert & Lorraine Steele, Ken & Jean Wells, Gary & Nila Benton, Joe & Linda Huggins, Carl Smith with guest, and Dan Rolader with guest.
Everyone had a good time cheering for the “G” Braves, laughing, eating hotdogs, but we lost.
Report On Club Outing   From Oct 2011 Running Board
Gwinnett Braves Game

By Fred Lindquist
Almost forty people, club members, relatives and friends, went to the Gwinnett baseball stadium to see the Gwinnett Braves play the Indianapolis Indians. The weather cooperated with a late afternoon shower that cooled the evening so it was bearable and pleasant from the scorching day time temperatures. Jerry and Cheryl, who organized the club outing, were there to hand out tickets to everyone. Once everyone located their seats, they then went for the typical baseball meals of hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, and drinks that taste better at a baseball game.
The beer was cold, the dogs were hot, but the G-Braves were definitely not. The game started with the Indians getting eight runs in the first two innings. There was a lot of cheering for the Braves throughout the game, but they could manage only five runs against the Indians’ eleven runs. There are a lot of activities the Braves organization puts on throughout the game that makes attendance there a lot of fun. It is truly a great family outing and a great way for the club to spend an evening. Despite the Braves loss, our group enjoyed the outing. Remember, there is always next year. Plan to attend the game with other club members next year. Continued next page.
Continued from previous page.
Ken & Jean Wells, Bert & Lorraine Steel, Lamar Hart & Nancy Bireley with daughter Susan, Jerry & Cheryl Reichel with Tracy & Nancy, Gary & Nila Benton with Doug & Sue, Becci Jumper with Addison & Summer, Fred & Katie Lindquist. West Freeman & spouse with two daughters and their two friends. Bob & Mary Ann Padovano with Debbie, Stacy, Phyllis, Cheryl, Robert, Kim, Amara, & Tommy.

Thank You Jerry and Cheryl Reichel
We thank Jerry and Cheryl for organizing the Gwinnett Braves outing as wall as hosting the August club meeting. Please check the following minutes for all the details.
Gwinnett Braves Suffer Another Loss    From Aug 2012 Running Board
Georgia RG 24 turned out for its annual visit to the Gwinnett Braves ballpark. It said so on the scoreboard, which also announced that we lost to the Louisville Bats. This is our third straight year to see the G Braves loose. They’re really not that bad. Maybe it’s not them. It’s us?
It was really a very pleasant outing, with good food, cold beer, friends, and great seats under the roof. The price was sure right. We look forward to next year.
Callaway Gardens Tour       From May 2015 Running Board
The overnight tour started out rainy and misty, it ended in very heavy rain Sunday BUT , Saturday afternoon was sunny and great for touring the Gardens, the Butterfly House and the Birds of Prey Show - in the open! Tour Participants included: Jerry and Cheryl Reichel, Bob and Mary Ann Pado-vano, Bob and Lynn Schwartz, Bert and Lorraine Steele, Bill and Allison Swilley, Lamar Hart and Nancy Bireley, John and Carolyn Caldwell, Jerry and Vina McIntosh, Ronnie and Regena Holland, and Dale Dewberry.
The Meals together were bountiful and filled with fun conversation. Many of the cars were modern but only one car, Dale Dewberry’s 36 Ford , had problems on the way to Callaway Gardens and had to be towed home.
See the MAP   from Aug 2013 TFRB
At the June 13, 2012 Board Meeting   
(from the July 2012 Running Board)

There was a short discussion about using RG 24 funds for the August 10 Gwinnett Braves club outing, resulted in a motion by L. Hart to use club funds to pay for 2 tickets for each member attending the game.  It was 2nd be B. Padovano.  Vote was approved.
Swan House 
Brookwood Art Festival & Cruise-In
Gwinnett Braves
Lincoln Highway Tour
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Garage Crawl
Callaway Gardens
Old Shoe Box Car Parts

Custom & Classic Cruise-In  4-30-2019
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The Swan House
The Custom & Classic Cruise-In, held in Blackburn Park in Brookhaven on 4-30-2019, was a Huge Success.  There were many Fords & other cars from our Club - everyone had a great time.  Here our new President, Greg Barner, and Bob Padovano show off our 50th Year Celebration Banner.  We were able to Celebrate 50 Years as a Club with the Thousands of attendees.  Good news is that we got a few old members to re-up too.
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Video of Tucker Cruise-In 4/13/2019