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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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The Riley OHV flathead conversion & SOHC
A brief history of Riley, his engines and some of the cars.  (H.A.M.B.)
Jim Bradford?  I understand he had a shop in Lakewood- across from the prison. Pete Roger's garage where he built and worked on several driver's cars that raced at the Peach Bowl and Lakewood plus several other tracks in the Southeast. - - with Frank Strickland, Fire Ball Roberts and Paul McDuffie.
This is the 2010 4 Port OHV conversion for the Model A and B Ford.  It's modeled after the 1929 R&R Cyclone originally created by Robert Roof of Anderson, Indiana.  Charlie Yapp, owner of Scalded Dog Speed Parts contacted Jim Roof, Robert's grandson, and Jim became the new "Chief Designer" and Charlie the producer.  The end result is nothing short of a wildly successful mechanical achievement.  The power and inefficiency are huge and surprising.  The parts are mostly off the shelf at your local dealer.  If you get a chance to see one take a close look at the technology, it's different and edgy but still look and sound like a period racing engine.
On Our website. . . .you will be able to find the specs, dyno chart links and much more. . .like contact info.
Yapp also manufactures the famous Riley Two Port OHV and the Lion Speed Head.
The Complete Kit Includes All Cylinder Head Parts, Fully Assembled.

Generally speaking, the head is a bolt-on out of the box after cleaning and painting (polishing and porting if desired).

Two men can install the head in a weekend after the block is prepped.

The set-up is easy and uncomplicated using common automotive tools.

Cast Iron "F" Type Head; Modern Valve Train, 3 Valves Per Cylinder; Compression is 138 cc (+-) Ratios = 7:1 and includes 13 Precision Castings and Most Parts Needed To Install.

Produces 80 to Over 105 HP* at the wheels "Out Of The Box". Not bad for a four banger that had 40 HP from the factory.

Several Optional Parts : Side Plates,  Up & Downdraft Manifolds, Crank Pulley, Water Pump Adapter And Much More. 
                    Fabulous Special Engines Collection by Speedway Motors.
These are from his "Museum of American Speed" - 100,000 square feet of Racecars and Exotic Engines.  Many are "cut-aways" to show how all the parts fit together and work.  There is NOTHING in all the World that compares to the Bill Smith Engine Collection.  He has an entire section devoted to FLATHEADS and even has several of Henry's prototype V8 engines, including an Air-Cooled one.

A slide show by Hugo90 of about 85 engines.   A complete List & Detailed Breakdown of Special Engines and, in particular, conversions for Flatheads
can be found here at NorthWest Vintage Speedster (most is compliments of Bill Smith).  Nearly 100 different conversions are shown.

The History of "Speedy Bill" Smith & Speedway Motors is AWESOME - click HERE
Click here or the logo - this site has TONS of good stuff for "4-bangers"
and Many new LINKS for same.
Flatfire Home   EngineAnalysis   The ULTIMATE Flathead   Flathead Breaks 300 mph   More
Would you believe
566 hp at 5,700 rpm and 512 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm?
Then, later,
over 700 HP!
301 cu in = 3.307 bore x 4.375 stroke
How about these ports?  They milled away the top of the ports & then modified them to get this - WOW!
No more exhaust through the block (to overheat it).
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The Joe Davis DOHC Cylinder Heads
          (  has dozens of cool Links)

Ford flathead with Davis heads The Davis heads were the work of Joe Davis, a talented pattern maker. They were cast in 1948. The first sets had a shaft drive mounted on the front of each head for the cams.

Joe Davis used to drive around Los Angeles in a 1932 Ford pickup with one of these engines sticking out of both sides of the engine compartment.

Bob Estes, a Lincoln/Mercury dealer, bought the engine from Davis and ran it in his Indy car in 1952. It did not qualify due to engine trouble, with water coming out of the exhaust. Dale Estes, Bob's son, still has the car, with the engine now having a gear drive.

In an article by Tom Senter in the May, 1971 issue of Rod & Custom, on page 29 there is a picture of an engine with these heads. The caption reads, "Rarest of them all. The Davies DOHC making a 1948 show. Meticulous hemi featured flawless castings, four cams driven off tower shafts. Raced at Indy in '52 by current owner Bob Estes."

Joe Davis made ten sets of these heads. The engine you see here has one of the four sets that are known to exist today. It belongs to John, a friend of mine in California.

These are HEMI Heads for a flathead  (for sale)
    Click photos to see all details
Click to see this & more flathead projects
My beautiful E97’s are getting better looking as time goes by with the addition of the gorgeous new tops  carved from a piece of billet , no crap castings here . Also a new filter like the style of the round one pictured to under development too and will clip on around the top rim of the unit.
E97  Throttle Body FUEL INJECTION for flatheads
click photos for the website
E97 Kits
E97's can also be sold in kit form costing, one $2500, two $3000, three $3500 and four $4000 or individually for $650 each

In the kit is:
a Link brand (ATOM) computer, with matching loom, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator/filter, air temp sensor, coolant temp sensor & switching device & instructions.
The injectors fitted are good for at least 50 HP each, if this is insufficient the fuel pressure can be increased and or higher flowing injectors can be purchased
E97 Throttle Body
$650round top (each)
$695 square top (each)
             For Sale - Kong Heads
A rare oportunity to purchase a new set of type 3 Kong cylinder heads (the type 3 is thicker, has a better  spark plug location and superior flow characteristics) left hand side pictured. Very limited numbers available @$1500 AU/pair full polish add $350/pair.
About to make another run at the 2002 Speed Trials. This car is now for sale to help fund the new project. This car has run a top speed of 176.560MPH in XF/BFMR class.

In blown configuration, 1995, note under and over plug location
An excellent 9-page article from the JanFeb 1978 issue of V8 Times
DOWNLOAD Part-I only   all 4 Parts (34-pgs) are combined here: DOWNLOAD
Part-II   MarApr 1978  9-pgs  DOWNLOAD
Part-III   JulAug 1978 V8 Times        10-pgs     DOWNLOAD
Part-IV   SepOct 1978 V8 Times      7-pgs      DOWNLOAD
    A shorter version (2 pages) of Racing History - from SepOct 1977 V8 Times
JanFeb 1981  V8 Times    -  Download  (the Full-size V8 Ardun conversion is here too - also in PURPLE background)
MayJun 1992 V8 Times
There are actually 2 Articles here         DOWNLOAD

NovDec 1992 V8 Times
MarApr 1997  V8 Times
This may be the most unusual "engine Swap" ever!
  JulAug 1999 - V8 Times  Read/DOWNLOAD   (the V8-60 Heads story is here too - also in PURPLE background)
JulAug 2003 - there are 11 full pages to this story - See/Download them all
Video ( Ford Flathead Hemi V8-60
JanFeb 2011 V8 Times    DOWNLOAD this 5-pg article
JulAug 1986
If you want to be BLOWN-AWAY on V8-60s:  just go to Google Images & search: Ford Flathead Hemi V8 60  - or Click HERE   (this is only SOME of it)  Of course, you can get similar "variety" by changing a few of the words (like Ardun or OHV or Supercharger etc.).
MayJun 2006     Part-II (of 2)
MarApr 2006   Part-I (of 2)
MayJun 1979
JanFeb 2010    V8 Times
NovDec 2010       V8 Times
NovDec 2009  V8 Times
MarApr 2014  V8 Times
  See an incredible page - all about Overhead Valve Conversions for Flatheads 
After all these records, they decided to go for MORE!  A late model engine & many small changes - renamed the Speed-Demon - and it was Incredible - 426 MPH!  Site  Video 
Then 449 MPH!! Video   They have run 457 MPH (Blog)