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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
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32 Ford Roadster
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Tech Seminars
       Tech Session - Saturday August 26th, 2017
                      Presented by Bob Padovano and hosted by Jerry Reichel
Fuel pump demonstration
Members watch presentation
Jerry Reichel and members
Ford on car lift
Reichel’s Garage
The Saturday morning Tech Session was about the entire fuel system - covering everything from the gas tank to the carburetor, inclding all the filters.  It was very in-formative, very detailed, and very well attended.  We had 31 members and guest in attendance.  No wives or ladies are included in this number.  The interest was high, and the questions were quite good.  To attempt to repeat the material covered would be impossible. However here are some of the highlights:

Fuel tanks was the first subject covered.  Bob spoke about 30 minutes about the care and feeding of your gas tank.  The big message here was to refill your tank immediately after each use of your car.  That way very little space is left for air and the possible condensation.  And always use Sta-Bil or non-ethanol fuel. (lawn mowers too)

Next Bob discussed the components of the fuel pump, how it operates, and how to repair.  One of the main points stressed was importance of eliminating any air leaks in the lines and hoses between the tank and pump.

Air filters were discussed next.  Early flathead engines, especially prewar, used a wire mesh filter that primarily filtered out sand and small stones.  Not very efficient.  They were mostly silencers for the engine.  The next generation was the oil bath air filter, considered to be the most efficient of any other type.  Its operation is more complicated than appears on the surface.  This type filter requires maintenance of both the upper chamber and the oil bowl. The latest version of air filtration is the paper filter.  Here size is important.  The best brand is probably K&N.

The wrap-up presentation was the dissection of a carburetor.  It was complete and far too detailed to be covered here.  You really had to be there.
Comments about the Tech Session were overwhelmingly positive.

Doug Ivie, Jim Duggan, John Tolliver, Larry Shutts, Bill Swilley, Faron Stephens, Todd Fowler, Steve Krueger, David Bennett, Donald Allgood, Kenny McIntyre, Bryan Fox, Ron Plumlee, David Edwards, John Witt, John Caldwell, Bob Schwartz, Joe Smith, John Trout, Carl Smith, David Posey, Bill Parsons, Greg Barner, Lenny Major, Bert Steele, Willie Bennett, Lamar Hart, Bruce McDonald. Jerry McIntosh, Dick Anderson.
From the Aug 2011 Running Board
At the Aug Meeting, The following “tech sessions” were held;

Bob Padovano displayed two different brands of gas treatment to help eliminate the effects that Ethanol gas has on our old cars, ethanol attracts moisture, gums up carbs and destroys older fuel system rubber. Bob recommends adding it to each tank full.
Tommy and Gail Gilbert gave a very informative presentation on the history of license tags in Georgia and how the present day rules and regulations came about. They also had a very complete display of restored tags representing all the years, sizes and shapes. It was very well presented and it was plain to see there was a lot of work and preparation.
Jerry Grayson gave a presentation on sway bars and how to cleanly drill and enlarge rubber bushings. He also had several brake lines and a new designed brake line bending tool. Jerry is well qualified in the brake line business as he supplies most of the old car parts suppliers.
A special thanks to Bob, Gail, Tommy, and Jerry for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us.
President thanked the hosts Jerry and Cheryl Reichel for another great meeting.
Mike Pertsch, Tracy Holman, and Dillon Holman, Wayne, Joy and Julia Hicks and Julia’s friend Samantha, Jean and Harold Smith, Nila and Gary Benton, Lamar Hart, Elizabeth and Doug Hollandsworth, David Jumper, Carol and Larry Tanner, Bert Steele, Jerry McIntosh, Janelle and Roy Hatcher, Sam Butler, Jimmy Dorsey, Bob And Mary Ann Padovano, Nat McFarland, Don Morris, Katie and Fred Lindquist, Lynn and Bob Schwartz, Cheryl and Jerry Reichel, Gail and Tommy Gilbert, John Trout, Jim Brewer, George Smith, Daniel Rolader, Jerry Grayson, Don Allgood, Morris Bailey, Bob Butler, Harold Thompson, Jim Duggan, David Posey, Cindy and Doug Smith.
Saturday Tech Session   Trouble Shooting    From Oct 2011 Running Board
Saturday December 10th, starting 10 AM.
Reichel’s Garage
This trouble shooting session is being presented to help you identify and correct engine starting and poor running problems on your flathead V-8. Bob Padovano and Jerry Reichel will show you what to look for, and how to check. They will go through a step-by-step hands on procedure on a 39/40 V-8 and a 51 model.
Everyone is invited. But please call Jerry to let him know that you are coming, so they know what to expect. We can have lunch at Famous Joe’s Restaurant.

Report on Tech Session       From Dec 2011 Running Board
On Saturday December 10th RG24 held a trouble shooting session, the focus was how to prevent your car from breaking down and how to get your car back home if it breaks down on the road. The session was put on by Bob Padovano and Jerry Reichel and held in Reichel’s car barn.

The most common causes of on the road breakdowns are fuel or ignition. Bob Padovano prepared charts showing how these two systems work and what their working sequence is. He also showed how to detect some of these problems and how to make emergency diagnosis and temporary repairs to get you back home. Bob and Jerry also put together two tables of display items, the components that cause most of the problems, this provided an opportunity to see where these problems occur and also some hands on repair training. Bob’s charts also showed a list of basic tools to carry and repair parts.

It was also stressed to check your car before leaving and make the repairs before starting out, most of these problems are easy to detect and repair at home is much easier than on the road. Also never leave home without the latest V8 Club roster, getting help from a fellow V8’er is usually your quickest way to get back on the road. After the session everyone went up to “Famous Joes” restaurant for lunch and more V8 talk.

Dan Rolader, Jerry McIntosh, Bert Steele, Don Morris, Larry Tanner, Al Chelena, Frank Sessions, Terrell Underwood, Steve Krueger, Wayne Dietrich, John Trout, David Jumper, Dave Arnold, Jerry Reichel, Bob Padovano.
At Monthly Meeting, May 1st, 2012    From the June Running Board
Bob Padovano held a tech session on brakes and brake fluid.  He told of the effect of heat generated by poorly fitting brake shoes on brake fluid.  Also discussed was the moisture that enters the brake system causing rust to the internal parts.  Bob’s recommendation is to completely remove the fluid every two years and install new fluid.

Old Car Tech Session Saturday August 22nd, 2015  10:00 to 12:00.
The session was held at Jerry Reichel's car barn. There were 19 attendees. Master mechanic Bob Padovano and all around knowledgeable old car guy Jerry Reichel discussed maintenance issues common to our old flathead V8’s cars. Bert Steele’s 1939 car was on the lift for visual inspection as well as an oil change and a full lube job. All attendees learned at least a few new things and asked lots of questions. Bob was well thanked for his presentation. The chassis of Jerry’s restoration of a 1951 TUDOR was also on display . A pizza lunch and drinks was provided at the conclusion.
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Saturday October 13th, 2018
Jerry Reichel hosted the Saturday October 13th event and Bob Padovano conducted the Tech Seminar. Jerry’s Car Barn was orderly and spit shined. Twenty four members and guests attended. Some drove twenty-five or more miles to attend. Two ladies visited Cheryl during the meeting and joined us for morning donuts and lunch.  About a dozen members drove old cars to liven Jerry’s back lawn. It was a good showing.
Bob’s presentation was well planned, detailed and
supported with visual charts and several components. The topic of Saturday’s lecture was “Maintenance & Why It’s Necessary”. Very informative. Very motivating. I had driven an unwashed ’52 Victoria to this lecture. I was so moved by Bob’s message that I returned home to clean Victoria. It paid off. She won an award that evening at the Tucker Cruise-In.
We thank Jerry Reichel for providing such an appropriate setting for the gathering and lunch. Bob Padovano, as usual, made an outstanding presentation. His preparations are apparent. David Posey was quite thoughtful to provide donuts. Thanks to Andy Sixsmith for his photography. And we certainly appreciate all the members, guest and ladies who attended and helped make this another successful Tech Session. Hopefully we may have more of these in the future.
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“Maintenance & Why It’s Necessary”
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