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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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        We are proud members of the
National Early Ford V-8 Club of America
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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V-8 Times  NovDec2006 (by Burns Cox)   DOWNLOAD
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National Club's Magazine (bi-monthly)
V-8 Times - NovDec 2006
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V-8 Times  NovDec 1974
Joe Smith was running for the
1977-79 National Director
SepOct 1976     He made it.       
Jack Henry got our Club some coverage in the V-8 Times too.
MayJun 1977
Our FIRST Tour
to FDR's "little White House"
SepOct 1974
From a 15-year-old.  His father is a member but perhaps not of RG#24 as we couldn't find any member with the last name Hunt or anyone listed at that address.
Fred Williamson belonged to the National Club very early as this photo of  his 34 Roadster was in the JanFeb 1969 V8 Times.
   He was on the 1968 Prospects List but supposedly didn't join RG#24 until 12/28/1975.   BUT, he appeared on the 1974 Roster.
This CONFIRMS that we were given our Charter on 30 Nov 1969
From V8 times JanFeb 1986      In earlier years the National Club only included 32-40 cars. 
They extended "membership" to include 41-48s on Nov 28, 1971 (announced in JanFeb 1972 V8 Times) and then to ALL Flatheads (32-53) in the latter part of 1983.
California has led the country in IDIOTIC Programs.  This shows they were cooking up a good one MANY years ago.     It worked - we all now use Gasahol in our cars - the Efficiency was DOWN then & the Cost was UP! - STILL IS!
(Of course - surprise - tens of thousands of Politicians became RICH!)
This ran in JulAug 1979 - at least 20 years earlier.
JulAug 1979  V8 Times
JulAug 1980
SepOct 1980
MayJun 1977 - RGs were growing fast
MarApr 1977
MayJun 1979 - we were celebrating 10 years
JulAug 1982
MarApr 1981
MayJun 1975 - V8 Times
JulAug 1975
MayJun 1970
MarApr 1972
NovDec 1968
JanFeb 1969 - Fred was in the National nearly a year BEFORE our RG#24 was formed.
JulAug 1974
MarApr 1974
JanFeb 1972
JanFeb 1970
SepOct 1984
Jay Friedman's '32 Fords from NEPAL!
              MarApr 1988
JulAug 1983 - John Lischke running again for the '84 National BOD.
MarApr 1979 - John Lischke's 40 Ford
JanFeb 1975
MarApr 1988    The First of MANY, MANY articles to appear by Burns Cox.
NovDec 1974
MarApr 1977 - Heaven In '77 is coming
MayJun 1977
JanFeb 1974
JanFeb 1970 - there were only 3 more Rgs - 28 total
That's Fred Williamson's 35 Phaeton on the Cover.
SepOct 1976
SepOct 1985
This photo, our Original RG#24 Charter Members, is from the JulAug 1970 issue of the V-8 Times Magazine.
From TFRB Feb 1997 - this is 1963 - the 1st Issue of the NATIONAL Newsletter. 
The club only encompassed 1932-1940 Fords at that time. 
RG#24 came in 6 years later!
Click to see the Very FIRST Issue - Dec 1963
NovDec 1975 V8 Times
The 1948 models signify the end of an era for Ford V-8
automobiles, which is why members of the Early Ford
V-8 Club have voted not to include Ford cars produced
after this year. 1948 was the final year for all-around
transverse suspension, a design introduced by Henry
Ford with the first Model T in 1908. This year also saw
the demise of the Classic Continental, the great design
inspiration of Edsel Ford. But the flathead V-8 engine
was continued through 1953.
NovDec 1978 V8 Times      Click to Read or DOWNLOAD (4 pgs)
JanFeb 1972 - the Board Approved 1941 to 1948 Ford Products as part of the Club in Nov 28, 1971
JanFeb 1972 - the number of Regional Chapters is increasing - now up to 40!
JulAug 1983
JanFeb 1983 - it is announced that the Board approved 1949-53 Ford Products into the Club on Nov 21, 1982
JanFeb 1979
JulAug 1979
MayJun 1979
SepOct 1979
JulAug 1980
SepOct 1980
SepOct 1980
JanFeb 1980 - Was he a RG#24 member?
MarApr 1980
The Georgia Group now has more than 100 members, and one of those, KEITH B O N N E R , is in the Brazilian jungles, scouring the underbrush for old V-8s... and as long as Georgia's on my mind, one very prominent member is rumored to have been promoted to Captain of his very own airplane (no, Virginia, it's something larger than the Luscombe he's building in his garage)... and, not to be outdone by Tulsa, Georgia offers their own Pat T-Byrd who drives around in an old V W (looking for a '40
Coupe for her father, we presume).
MarApr 1980
Was Georga Haynie Jr. a RG#24 Member?
JulAug 1979 - Was Jack Turpin Jr. an RG#24 Member?
I've had the B-400 since September, 1974, obtaining it from a hot-rodder w h o decided it was too tough to tackle (I've never seen a hot rodder w h o likes body work). I've spent more than 2000 hours of raw labor on the car and literally thrown all of it out (except for the body) and replaced it with "spare parts."  Now it's 100% '32 except for the missing top, upholstery and arm rests. I hope that some reader can furnish an upholstery kit or a pattern. Frank Pittinger of Phoenix graciously sent all his old body wood and was instrumental in having top irons made
and has helped me in many ways. -
A. Jack Turpin, Jr  Dunwoody, Georgia
Editor's Note
Mr Turpin runs a steering wheel restoration shop in Georgia.  I 've been after him to advertise in the V-8
Times, but he says he's got his "hands full" now.  He says he's done a lot of Ford steering wheels, mostly banjos, but not too many in the thirties since here are many good reproductions available.  Cracks and
breaks are repaired by sawing out the bad spots and replacing them with epoxy material.  Apparently Mr Turpin is very conscientious and has a good reputation with those who have used his service.  His rates and turnover time seem very reasonable.

JulAug 1979
JulAug 1979 -
Jason is Member #163 in RG#24 - he joined in 1978.
Larry Bailey's '34 Phaeton was featured on the rear cover of the JulAug 1979 issue.
Bob Slack, RG#24 Member #156, ran this ad in the JulAug 1979 issue.
Michael Garrison, Charter Member #16,
ran this ad in the MayJun 1980 issue
JulAug 1980
John Davis, RG#24 Member #110 - JulAug 1980
JanFeb 1979 - John Lischke, Member #131 - on the National Activities Committee. 
(John held several positions in the National Club)
JulAug 1981
SepOct 1981
SepOct 1981
Our newsletter started as "Restoration Blues & News" in 1974, then changed to "Restoration News" in Feb 1976 and finally became "the Running Board" in 1986.
After close contention between three fine cars,
the Best of Show Award
(at the Indy Central Nationals) was presented to Ronald Smith of Georgia for his 1934 Roadster. A special award to the Best of Show winner was announced. Bob Scott along with his father James, had commissioned Gene Payne to do the winning car's portrait.
NovDec 1981
MayJun 1982
MarApr1985     DOWNLOAD
This is actually 3 Articles (9 pages) - all about the Ford Indy effort in 1935.
Includes many details & what went wrong!
MayJun 1985 - about our member #247, by our member #131
JanFeb 1986
Our Member #130, Lawson Cox, ran this Ad.
MayJun 1986
Our Member #168, Ralph Rivers, ran this Ad
JulAug 1986
MarApr 1988
JulAug 1992
NovDec 1992
Alice was our FIRST Editor, when it was Restoration Blues and News, and set a standard that few could measure up to.
MayJun 1993
Chuck Kamp's name appeared many times in the V8 Times.
Was he a member of RG#24?
JulAug 1993
JulAug 1993
NovDec 1993
Burns, through excellent writing and
great photos, got us into many, many issues of the V8 times, making RG#24 one of the best known Chapters.
NovDec 1993
MarApr 1992
MayJun 1992         DOWNLOAD
MarApr 1994  Part 1 of 3    All the pages are NOT shown here.     DOWNLOAD all 3 in 1
MayJun 1994 - Part 2 of 3
JulAug 1994 - Part 3 of 3
SepOct 1994
All pages are NOT shown
here - DOWNLOAD to see all
NovDec 2001
MarApr 1967 - Apparently the car's owner, H.L. Stuart never joined our Club
                           (which didn't even form until almost 3 years later)
Click HERE for a much larger photo with some people identified
Download the first 2 years:
Vol1 (Dec 1963 - Dec 1964)
Vol2 (Jan 1964 - Dec 1965)
Early Ford V8 National Club

Original Bylaws of the National Club(1964)