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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
Early Ford V-8 Club
Celebrating All Ford Vehicles  1932-1953
Regional Group #24 of Georgia
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        We are proud members of the
National Early Ford V-8 Club of America
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32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
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This page actually came from our Running Board Newsletter AprMay 2019 edition.
It's included here because it's relevant to the V8 Times articles on the
amatic here.
JanFeb 1993
MarApr 1993
V-8 Times (#2 of 5)
National Club's Magazine (bi-monthly)
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MarApr 1993 - by our Member #217, Les Fisher
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Car of Bill Bellinger, Member #215
MayJun 1995
JulAug 1995   Waymon ran for the BOD
He made it too!
JulAug 1995
SepOct 1995
SepOct 1995
JanFeb 1996
MarApr 1996
Did Bill Kennedy ever belong to RG#24?
MayJun 1996
MayJun 1996
MayJun 1996
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NovDec 1996
JanFeb 1995 - Everything is NOT displayed here - DOWNLOAD to see all (it includes another article, Part-2, on Marine Conversions (MarApr 1995)
Lehman Manufacturing of Newark, New Jersey (reportedly Ford's Marine Division), produced a variety of marine conversion parts and complete units utilizing the basic V8 Ford engine. This item is, supposedly, a front motor mount for a V8 60 hp engine. In some applications, starter motors were
mounted at the front of the engine for easier access.
Want 38% more horsepower? Want 35% more torque? Less vibration? Less fuel consumption? More driving power? 
Then the McCULLOCH MARINE SUPERCHARGER was for you.  "If you are looking for more driving force to your propeller, here is the answer! Because the McCulloch Supercharger is a power-driven centrifugal pump placed between the carburetor and engine, a greatly increased torque flow is produced for more acceleration and sustained drive. If speed is your aim, the Supercharger is a much needed addition to your power plant. The tremendous increase in horsepower places greater speed no further away than your throttle. This means greater speed and more cruising pleasure."  Ford publication #7183, "Three Ford V8 Engines For Industrial, Marine and Farm Use", dated February, 1940, claimed, "A new world's record - 61.53 miler per hour - was established in the 225 cubic inch class by Don Kueneman of Oakland, California. The speed trials were under the auspices of the American Power Boat Association.To adapt the stock V8 engine for racing purposes, two carburetors ere installed, the compression was raised and magneto ignition was substituted for storage battery, distributor and coil."

JulAug 1996
There is MORE on the Liquamatic farther   
down the page - also
PURPLE background.
JulAug 1996
JulAug 1996  - Something to THINK About.
JanFeb 1997
MarApr 1997
Anti-Freeze Facts
Here are some facts that you might want to consider:
A 50-50 mix of coolant and water will give you a freezing protection of -34 degrees (34 degrees BELOW zero).  This is what most coolant manufacturers recommend.
   If you exceed 65% coolant to 35 % water, the freezing protection curve goes up - instead of offering more protection, it offers LESS!
   For example: 100% ethylene-glycol for coolant will freeze at only +8 degrees (that's not good - about 42 degrees sooner!).
   The MOST protection you can get is at 65% ethylene-glycol, which is -60 degrees.

MayJun 1997
MayJun 1997 - Ron, Member #397, joined RG#24 in January of 1997
JulAug 1997
NovDec 1997
JanFeb 1998
Solvang, California, well known for its Danish heritage, hosted the National Directors of the Early Ford V-8 Club for their "Face-to-Face" meeting January 15-17th.
MarApr 1998
MarApr 1998
MayJun 1998
JulAug 1998
JulAug 1998 - WOW - We had 2 of our members running for the National Board
JulAug 1998
JulAug 1998 - Robert Flinn, RG#24 Member #401 joined us in June of 1997
SepOct 1998 V8 Times - Kerry Haggard, RG#24 Member #378 joined in Jan-1997
Kerry has an incredible collection of Ford Memorabilia.
SepOct 1998
NovDec 1998 - Kerry Haggard does it again!  His Memorabilia is GREAT!
NovDec 1998 - actuarlly, they ran several full-color pages like this one of Kerry Haggard's Memorabilia in recent months.
NovDec 1998
JanFeb 1999
JanFeb 1999
MarApr 1999
MarApr 1999 - We ALL should know that we can get Videos & Tapes from the National Club for use in our meetings.
MayJun 1999
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NovDec 1998
JanFeb 1999            Read/DOWNLOAD 4-pg Article
JanFeb 1999
MayJun 1990  - 3 short articles on the European small-car Model "Y" - Read/DOWNLOAD
JulAug 1999    Read/Download article
JanFeb 2000
JanFeb 2000
MarApr 2000
This ad ran in MarApr 2000.  It looks like Tom is NOT a member of RG#24 - does anyone know him?
MayJun 2000 - John Pollock, RG#24 Member #246
MayJun 2000
MayAug 2000
Don Collier, RG#24 Member #271 ran this Ad in MayAug 2000
(he passed in early 2019)
SepOct 2000
NovDec 2000 - David Fetters, RG#24 member #369, joined our Club in 1996
NovDec 2000
JanFeb 2001
MarApr 2001
MayJun 2001 - Les fisher, RG#24 Member #217
MayJun 2001
JulAug 2001
JanFeb 2000
Central National Meet - Omaha
JanFeb 2000   Member #126
MarApr 2000    Member #130