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2020 marks our 51st Anniversary                 51 Years of FUN - driving Early Ford V8s             51 years of NO grass growing under Our tires!                    Our club, #24, keeps rolling On, and On - and has been for 51 years - WOW! !     
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Valentines Day Parties
Valentines Day Party - Feb 8th 2014
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2018 Valentine Party Report
Fifty members and guests dined on fabulous entrees and desserts at Petite Violette. The Valentine celebration concluded with members serenading “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and presenting a rose to their lady.
The annual 2015 Valentine’s Party

was held at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant in Chamblee. There were thirty nine participants. The service was good and the meals were all delicious. A special award was made to Lance Bucky for his service as editor of the club publication. The men once again as is done annually, serenaded their date with “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” that received an ovation not only from the sweethearts but the other diners in the area.
From March 2008 Running Board       Report on 2008 Valentine Party
Everyone really enjoyed the Valentine Party. I think we like to dress up and go out once in a while. I know the ladies certainly do. And they deserve it! This big party was dedicated to the ladies. And the men had fun too.
We thank Jerry and Vina McIntosh for hosting the Valentine Party. They did an outstanding job. The following members attended:
Jerry And Vina McIntosh, Wayne and Joy Hicks, David and Becci Jumper, Larry and Carol Tanner, Randall and Kay Malone, Ray and Barbara Allen, Joe and Jean Smith, Ken and Jean Wells, Charlie and Jeanene Adams,
Doug and Cindy Smith, Doug and Elizabeth Hollandsworth, Morris and Lucille Bailey, Neil and Emily, Freeman, Bob and Mary Ann Padovano, Fred and Katie Lindquist, Jerry and Cheryl Reichel, Gary and Nila Benton,
Report on Valentine Dinner 2009   From the Feb 2009 Running Board
By Fred Lindquist
Twelve couples gathered at Aldo’s Italian restaurant in Tucker on Saturday February 7th. The social hour began at 6:00 P.M. where everyone convened in the bar area when they arrived. At 7 o’clock, the group was directed to the room reserved for our dinner. Everyone was seated except for Bob & Mary Ann and if Bob is not served his food last it is possible he may not have a seat. This problem was resolved very quickly though. The servers had to determine where members were seated so they could serve the previously ordered entrees. This resulted in a bit of humor as a number of members were identified as arriving with their guests instead of their wives. The servers were ready and salad and rolls were served immediately. The entrees followed and they were delicious without any complaints. Everyone enjoyed the desserts of cake and ice cream. Following dinner, Bob Padovano led the men in a serenade of the wives with “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. The wives enjoyed this traditional singing, even with Wayne Hicks who insists he can’t sing. We learned that evening that Kay Malone was the most recent grandmother (a first) and that Vina McIntosh is the next grandmother to be in June (a first). Janelle & Roy Hatcher’s grandson will be attending Washington & Lee University this fall. Lorraine Steele, Vina McIntosh, Kay Malone, Janelle Hatcher, Emily Freeman, and Barbara Allen won table arrangements. Lamar Hart did a superb job of arranging this dinner as everyone enjoyed the evening. Aldo’s looks like a great place for another dinner.
Attendees to the Valentine Party: Wayne & Joy Hicks, Roy & Janelle Hatcher, Bert & Lorraine Steele, Ray & Barbara Allen, David & Becci Jumper, Jerry & Vina McIntosh, Lamar Hart & Nancy Bireley, Gary & Nila Benton, Neal & Emily Freeman, Jerry & Cheryl Reichel, Randal & Kay Malone, Bob & Mary Ann Padovano, and Fred & Katie Lindquist.
Valentine’s Party Report On Saturday February 6, 2010
Twenty two members of the club met at Aldo’s Restaurant in Tucker on a quite chilly evening. Members began arriving at 6:00 P.M. for refreshments and conversation before the dinner. The wives were all dressed out with some red and they all looked great for this annual celebration. Promptly at 7:00 P.M., the owner directed everyone to a private room. Jerry McIntosh provided everyone with a card showing the dinner they ordered so the wait staff could deliver the dinners correctly. The wait staff served the meals promptly and everyone enjoyed them. Following dinner, the men assembled at the end of the room to serenade the wives with the annual rendition of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” led by Bob Padovano. The men were all in good voice and the song was greatly appreciated by the wives. Later, everyone said their goodbyes after enjoying a fun evening. This restaurant serves delicious meals and provides a great facility with an efficient wait staff that warrants future support from members. Jerry & Vina McIntosh are to be thanked for organizing the event that went without a hitch. Participants: Jerry & Vina McIntosh, David & Becci Jumper, Roy & Janelle Hatcher, Doug & Cindy Smith, Randall & Kay Malone, Gary & Nila Benton, Bert & Lorraine Steele, Bob & Mary Ann Padovano, Jerry & Cheryl Reichel, Wayne & Joy Hicks, Fred & Katie Lindquist.
Valentine Party 2011    From Feb 2011 Running Board
“Let me Call You Sweetheart”, a beautiful love song, rendered shamelessly by fourteen male members, rang through the rooms of Aldo’s Restaurant on Saturday evening. The ladies said we are getting better. Now, I’ve always heard that things are good or bad by comparison. But I’m not sure to what we are being compared. They said we’re getting better. And I’m willing to take their word for it. I fear, however, that the ladies hearing might be declining at about the same rate as their male counterparts.
Jerry McIntosh always presents a comfortable manor as Master of Ceremonies.
Jerry and Vina did an outstanding job of planning and organizing the Valentine Party. We truly appreciate their efforts.
John & Carol Davis, Gary & Nila Benton, David & Becci Jumper, Wayne & Joy Hicks, Fred & Katie Lindquist, Lamar Hart & Nancy Bireley, Bob & Mary Ann Padovano, Jerry & Cheryl Reichel, Jerry & Vina McIntosh,
Roy & Janelle Hatcher, Cleve & Pat McAfee, Mike & Bonnie Pertsch, Bob & Eileen Schultz, and Doug & Cindy Smith.

It was a lovely evening with good food, good friends, and lots of laughs. Seventeen couples made reservations, but three had to cancel. That was unfortunate. With more singers could have been outstanding, and our volume might have reached all the way to Handy Ace Hardware.
Let Me Call You Sweetheart   2012 Valentine Party            From Mar 2012 Running Board
By Jerry McIntosh
Twenty-two V-8 members, spouses, and significant others enjoyed a delicious Valentine's dinner, complete with cake and ice cream at Aldo's Restaurant Saturday, February 11. Each man presented a red rose to his valentine. The food and the fellowship were great. The music (maestro Bob Padovano and the V-8 men's choir singing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart") was up to its usual standard.
Attendees: Fred & Katie Lindquist, Bob & Mary Ann Padovano, David & Becci Jumper, Ray & Barbara Allen, Dan & Helen Rolader, Jerry & Vina McIntosh, Lamar Hart & Nancy Bireley, Bert & Lorraine Steele, Mike & Bonnie Pertsch, Gary & Nila Benton, Roy & Janelle Hatcher.
March 2004
March 2003
March 2002
CUPID, Mr Webster defines him as the Roman god of love, son of Venus, a winged boy with bow and arrows, a winged boy with bow and arrows? Now surely this individual would stand out in a crowd, someone would have seen him by now but we have no confirmed sightings.
   How can this be? How can someone have such an impact on our lives and not be seen? He has the power to turn your world upside down, lose sleep, say and do things that can be brilliant and silly at the same time.
   This all happened to me, I was minding my own business just sitting in typing class my senior year, I didn't have a clue.  We were introduced to a new student, a girl from the Milwaukee area, very cute, very shy and quiet.
   I did not see a winged boy with bow and arrows that day but he was there, no sound, no pain, swish, a direct hit, but I didn't know it, I didn't know it for two years.
   Strange things started to happen, I drove my prized 51 on the beach to crash a party she was attending with someone else, the guy had no sense of humor, they threw me i n the lake and wouldn't help get my car unstuck, call a tow truck they said.
   I was outta control, I passed her and her parents on a narrow road just to be seen, they had a 59 Buick too much for a 51 Ford but I made it, almost killed my self and the 51.  Her dad was not impressed, who the hell is that idiot he said, not a good sign.
   Things are not going well, the 51 is junk, I'm on foot, in between wheels as they say, bummin a ride.
   One Sunday riding with my cousin, LOOK it's the buick, she's driving, with her mother, stay calm, follow that car I said, WHAT?  FOLLOW THAT CAR!!!!  Stay back, don't get to close, SHE'S TURNING IN THEIR DRIVEWAY!!  TURN IN YOU ***/- MORON, calm down, be polite, don't stutter, can't hurt to ask, [swish] 2 direct hits, the rest is history.
Feb 2001
Mar 2000
March 1999
Valentine Party 2016

Thirty six members and guest gathered at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant on Saturday February 6 for our annual Valentine Party. Everyone reported to having a pleasant evening. The dinner was outstanding, the service was prompt, and conversation lively. After drinks and dinner the men sang “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” and presented a red rose to their lady. Jerry McIntosh observed that the men’s choral group was never better. An ambiguous message to be sure. We thank bob Pado-vano for leading the singing, Mary Ann for bringing the lyrics, and Nancy Bireley for the flowers. Most of all, we thank the Georgia Regional Group for paying three quarters of the cost.
Saturday February 10, 2007   Steak and Ale Restaurant   LaVista Road at Northlake Parkway
                                          Cash Bar 6 PM     Dinner 7 PM    
Directions:    Take I 285 to LaVista Road exit   Turn East on LaVista, outside Northlake Parkway.
Go about 200 feet on Northlake.   Order from their expanded menu.  We will have a private dining room.
Please RSVP to:  Lamar Hart  770 496 9928
TOPICS OF DISCUSSION:  Date of Valentines party has been changed to Feb19th due to conflict with Moultrie swap meet.
These photos are from Burns Cox's scrapbook  (#10: 00028-30).  I'm not sure but, I think they are probably from 1998.
From Burns Cox's scrapbook (V3-00026)
Valentines Day Party - Probably about 1985, but possibly as late as 1997.
Valentine Banquet  FEB 13, 1999  
Burns Cox scrapbook #7: 000011 to 13)
More from a Valentine Party (I think - perhaps in late 1990s - but possibly earlier)
Cox's scrapbook  #9: 00056 to 58
1984 Sweetheart Banquet (from Mar 1984 Restoration News)
  from Jan 1996 TFRB
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2019 Valentine Party                                  It was fantastic, with about 40 people attending, at the Petite Violette. 
The Ladies got to hear 2 songs this time - TWICE as GOOD? - with "That's Amore" being added to the venerable "Let Me Call You Sweetheart.
Feb 1982 Restoration News
March 1982
Feb 1983  Restoration News
Mar 1983
Feb 1987 TFRB
I still don't have the Mar 1987 issue so I can't tell you how it went.

13--The Sweetheart Banquett was
held at the Journey's End Restaurant in Marietta, and our thanks go out to Janet and Elton Roberts for making it such a big success. They took care of all arrangements. and everything went very well, thanks to them. This turned out to be a good meeting place for we had a room off to ourselves overlooking a duck pond, with small '
trees in urns throughout. Tiny lights were strung in the trees, reminding me of Christmas. Also along the tops of the walls in the rafters, and scattered around the room were wicker type baskets. One of the men assured that one had a cobra inside of it, so I steered clear of all of them. After everyone had stood around and talked for a while, Ralph gave a quick run down on events to come, recognized our visitors, and new members, and then we FINALLY got started on the FOOD! ! Naturally, by then, I was starved, as usual. A steam table had
been set up and everything was ready when we got there. The food was delicious, especially the chicken and the grilled tomato halves. The three salads that I tried were also very good. I was still eating thirty minutes after everyone else had quit, and would have gone back for seconds, but they
took the food away when they saw me coming!.
Visiting us from the CHVA group Were winfred & Katie McDaniel, who came with Harvey & Myrtice Knight. New members with us for the first time Were Gary & Janice Justus. They are the proud new owners of Raymond pethel's silver '40 Ford street rod. We welcome both Couples our group and really hope to see more then at future meetings. Also, there were Elton & Janet Roberts, Randall & Joanne
Malone, Marty & Mary Malone, James & Helen Street, John & Sue Lischke, Fred Katie Sheram, Marvin & Elaine Hill, Les & Bev Fisher, Bob & Anne Butler, Claude & Carolyn Kilgore, Charlie & Odean Wigington, and Ralph & Bobbie Rivers.
More mingling and talking followed the
eating, and then most of us went to the
lounge to hear the band. When Ralph and I left at eleven, six couples stayed on to enjoy the music and each other's company.
March 1982